Armed Forces Day and Prayer Request for a Retired Airman and Blogger

I missed Armed Forces Day yesterday, had it on my calendar wrong but today I want to thank all active duty and former and retired military across all branches for their unmatched devotion to our country, for their sacrifices, for their family’s sacrifices and for those who gave who all. The words sound trite and canned, because we who have not served, seem to say the same thing year after year, but we say these things from the bottom of our hearts, and know no other way to express it, other than to support the many fine veteran’s organizations with our prayers, our money, our care packages and our voices. Today, I’m asking for prayers for a retired U.S. Airforce airman.


Many of my readers know the work of Katie Norcross, a blogger also known as findalis, editor and publisher at Monkey in the Middle. Her blog’s focus is Islam and Israel. She provides in-depth information here at Maggie’s Notebook on the persecution of Christians throughout the Muslim world. She is widowed and retired U.S. Air Force. She has been diagnosed with cancer:

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Stage 2.  And have started Chemo therapy.  I am sorry but as I fight this disease I find many things that I would be blogging about not really important to me right now.

It is NOT that I’ve given up the battle for our rights and against Islam, but I am concentrating my energies towards my personal battle with the Cancer.

With God’s help and a the best medical team at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital (In conjunction with Loyola Medical School) I will beat this disease.  And for the record although the building needs a major overhaul, the staff at Hines VA is the finest men and women in medicine I have ever met.  God Bless them all.  They are what a VA should run like.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Katie Norcross
aka Findalis (May 9, 2014)

As Katie moves through this difficult trial in her life, she also needs prayers that the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital will continue to serve her well, prayers that these good people will not be hijacked by their own administration. This week Hines has been revealed to be one of the hospitals with hidden lists of patients. Now that it’s out in the open, the confidence she has in her team will, hopefully, be confirmed.

Please, please put her on your prayer list. Remember her daily. She has served her country, and continues to fight by informing on Islam.

On a personal note, Katie is a dear lady, thoughtful, funny and feisty. May God bless you Katie, and hold you in the palm of his hand.

Katie's Gravatar

Katie’s Gravatar

God bless our military, God bless America.

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  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    🙁 Praying she gets better and recovers Maggie. I didn’t know she was around here. 🙁 :'( thanks

  • Mustang

    She is in my prayers; thank you for the post.

  • Geo

    Katie our thoughts and prayers are with you. We’ll pray for a total and speedy recovery. Thankfully your experience is better than what we have been hearing and unfortunately for some, that are having to endure elsewhere.

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