Westboro Baptist Visits Moore OK for 3rd Time: “Shagged Tail” After 10 Minutes or Less: Champagne on Sale – “Not a Coincidence”

There is history between Moore, Oklahoma and Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). Westboro has shown-up at Moore at least three times, the last on Sunday, April 7, 2014. They were given a 30-minute protest permit, but “shagged-tail” and left after only 10 minutes (some say 6). Moore has had their fill of Westboro Baptist Church but as usual, showed incredible grace on a rainy day when they refused to allow the cult of Westboro to be more than what they are, a band of family degenerates. See the champagne story below.

Moore-Strong, May 20, 2013

Moore-Strong, May 20, 2013

In March 2009 Westboro showed up to protest Moore High School. The reason, probably the usual, a need to hate on people.

In February 2011 Carissa Kelm (20) was killed in a sledding accident. She had been a Moore High student. Westboro showed up for the funeral. Moore-ites built a beautiful wall of silence and respect around the family and friends of Ms. Kelm. See that very short but powerful video, first-up below.

“Moore Strong” are the words that have supported and bound-together the residents of tornado-ravenged Moore, Oklahoma since the May 20, 2013, devastating F5 that took everything in its monstrous path. Twenty-four people died, 377 were injured. The winds were measured at 210 mph that day. On May 3, 1999, an F5 hit Moore with winds measured at 310 mph. Thirty-six people died and 583 were injured in the 1999 catastrophe.

The Westboro Baptist Church message on Sunday: the tornado delivered God’s displeasure for the town’s Godless ways — or whatever.

Westboro members, who believe God sent the tornado, had a permit to appear for a half hour outside of Central Junior High, the building that has been housing grade school students since the storm ravaged Plaza Towers Elementary School, KFOR-TV reported.

But the community wasn’t willing to let Westboro picket in peace. More than two thousand Moore residents took to the streets on foot and on motorcycles to counter the protest.

They honked horns, laughed, cheered and held signs with messages like, “Thank God Fred’s Dead,” referencing to the recent death of Westboro founder Fred Phelps, and “WBC Wrecking Crew,” among other messages aimed at the church. Source: The Blaze

Westboro’s leader, the soulless Fred Phelps, Sr., reportedly a disbarred lawyer, who ran on the Democrat party ticket four times, died on March 14, 2014. Wouldn’t you know, there was a celebration in Moore:


Moore Liquor, at 914 SW 4, has gained a local reputation for its humorous, frequently off-color marquee signs.

“Fred Phelps, 1929-2014. Champagne 10% off! Not a coincidence,” is the latest storefront marquee message.

Shop owner Bryan Kerr said he put up the sign this week after Phelps died March 19…

“Fred Phelps is the kind of guy who is very difficult for reasonable people to like, and I knew I wanted to do something that had just a little bit of humor but wasn’t too disrespectful,” Kerr said.

Oklahomans are like that.

The best news video I’ve seen on the ‘shag-tailing’ is here, but the second video below shows a very large number of people, and the last Westboro rear-end hurriedly climbing into a van with a police safety escort out-of-town. Language alert. H/T TheOKIEBlaze

Residents of Moore, Oklahoma Guard the Funeral of One of Their Own (video)
Westboro Baptist runs from Moore, Oklahoma (video)
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