Ted Cruz: We’re a Nation of “Immigrants” and a Nation of “Rule of Law:” Who Crafted Law Not Making Border-Creep a Felony?

Illegal aliens are not immigrants. Let’s start with that fact. Senator Ted Cruz responded to Jeb Bush’s comment that illegal aliens are not felons in America, by saying, yes we are a nation of immigrants but the “rule of law matters,” then he spoke of the “heartbreaking” conditions of “women and children left abandoned in the desert.” See the video below.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

When I heard Jeb Bush say that illegal immigrants are not felons (and I’m researching who wrote the law in that particular way), how does it happen that overstaying a visa, or border-creeping, is not a felony? The second thought was, no foreigner is an “immigrate” until they have legally immigrated — until we tell them they may “immigrate.” 

If Ted Cruz means what he says about “rule of law,” I will expect nothing less of him than to stand firmly for a secured border before giving a nod to any other plan for illegal aliens.

“If you come down to Texas, and you see the conditions where you see photographs that are heartbreaking of bodies, of women and children left abandoned in the desert,” Cruz said. “Because they entrust themselves to transnational global criminal cartels who smuggle them in, who assault them, who leave them to die. This is not a humane system and we need to solve the problem.” Source: Politico

There cannot be one mother in Mexico who doesn’t know of abandoned, dead or raped citizens of their own country being left behind. I hear of the stories of heartbreaking women, children and men raped by illegals every day, and I see photos of dead Americans, victims of illegal aliens. Every American victim of an illegal alien, is one crime we could have prevented, 98 percent. It is inexcusable that we do not.

The Department of Homeland Security just released 68,000 criminal felons into U.S. cities and towns, rather than deport them. Routinely, those cities and towns receive no warning:

For instance, traffic violations like Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or even vehicular manslaughter do not count toward this description of “criminal alien.” As for the definition of “alien,” ICE mostly means illegal aliens, though some are legal aliens when they are considered deportable legal aliens—which is possible for legal immigrants who have committed a serious crime, like a felony…Read the story here.

Senator Cruz is at the top of my list of choices for 2016, but I don’t trust anyone until that trust has been earned. When we speak, we must speak clearly, with no wiggle room:

On January 30, The Hill reported that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted his Republican colleagues in the House for crafting an immigration plan that he denounced as “amnesty.”

“I think it would be a mistake if House Republicans were to support amnesty for those here illegally,” he said when asked about a proposal to be included in the House Republicans’ immigration principles statement.

“In my view we need to secure the borders, we need to stop illegal immigration,” Cruz said during a Bloomberg News breakfast. “And we need to improve and streamline legal immigration.” Source: New American

In my jaded state-of-mind, I hear the Senate saying, but we are not offering “amnesty.” That has been the argument. I hope Senator Cruz will make it clear that by lawful definition, not Senate-speak, the Senate bill is “amnesty,” and any status given other than “illegal,” before borders are secured, is “amnesty.” The Senate and House can do all the planning they want behind closed doors, until the border is secured, then bring the plan to give a conditional green card, not citizenship — no path to citizenship — ever, to those with families who have been here for a specified period of time, and deny any relative to enter on their coattails, other than a spouse or minor child. Period. We should not ever reward illegals with citizenship.

The candidate who clearly defines himself/herself to be the candidate to make that happen, will capture the hearts of the American people, including many Democrats.

Let us celebrate the security of our Homeland and make a clear distinction between celebrating immigrants and celebrating illegal aliens, whatever their nationalities. Senator Cruz has a strong focus on the law. I think I’ll despair if he abandons that position.

Linked at BadBluesmart news, 24/7, always uncensored. Read it here.

Ted Cruz on Jeb Bush Illegal Alien Remarks: Cruz says the Rule of law matters.(video)
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  • garyinaz66

    I must disagree, there should be no sort of amnesty and green cards or any legalization of status certainly is amnesty and will without doubt lead to future citizenship, rewarding illegal foreign invaders for invading our nation and a magnet for future invaders.
    internal enforcement and e-verify is what we really need. the “build the fence”, “secure the borders” approach to amnesty while avoiding immediate removal of the illegals(the longer we wait to repatriate, the more anchor babies, chain migration etc…), is severely lacking, its a red herring put out there with a wink and a nod to the chambers of commerce to let them know their cheap labor will remain in place and will continue at the cost to American citizens. who knows how long it will take(its already been 28 years), how effective it will be, how much it will cost etc…it also has NO EFFECT whatsoever on those estimated 40% of illegals who come here on visas(like five of the 9/11 terrorist) and never leave (or the 10’s of millions already illegally occupying our country taking our jobs and treasure). they are just as illegal and damaging as border hoppers and it does NOTHING to get americans working again. if it doesn’t include immediate efforts to send illegals back, its just an amnesty pimp trying to hide their true intentions of continued amnesty and the choice of illegal foreign invaders over American citizens, e-verify is needed immediately, cheap, easy, infrastructure is pretty much already in place. we need to do things immediately effective at getting americans back to work, that means taking jobs from illegals so americans can work. e-verify and punish (fines and jail) employers for not utilizing it effectively. no employment, housing, benefits etc….. also has the net effect of making borders more secure since their is no incentive to invade us for gain.
    amnesty is the destruction of our country, it must be stopped and illegals must leave the country. there are around 10 million illegals taking jobs in this country and only a small percentage of them are farm jobs. e-verify will put americans back to work the fastest and start a natural rise in wages, laws of supply and demand apply. that is the most important issue regarding the illegal foreign invaders American jobs and treasure should be going to American citizens. internal enforcement gets americans back to work and off welfare and foodstamps

  • garyinaz66

    the real problem started with kennedys 1965 “immigration reform” beginning the flood of third world slave wagers to depress American wages and replace American citizens at American jobs. that’s why we need TRUE immigration reform to get americans back to work and see a rise in standard of living. republicans wont even back it though because they are ravenous for chambers of commerce bribe money to skrew americans.
    IMMIGRATION REORM: repeal Kennedys 1965 immigration law, stop legal immigration until REAL unemployment is below 3%, prosecution of and loss of federal funding to sanctuary cities, allow state and local law enforcement of immigration laws, fines and prosecutions for employers of illegals, no anchor babies, end chain migration, no state, federal or local “entitlements” and welfare reform. e-verify for: jobs, housing, school, hospitals, utilities, banking etc…everything in English and active repatriation with forfeiture of assets if caught here while illegal and if ever caught here illegally, you can never return under ANY circumstance.
    There should be no immigration reform that is not BASED SOLELY ON REPATRIATION of illegal aliens and ELIMINATION OF MAGNETS, anything else is doomed to fail from the start. The incentive to invade our country for gain must be removed. being given ANY SORT of legal status is the BIGGEST MAGNET OF ALL.
    If they have nothing to gain they wont come, and if here already, will leave.No matter how you parse words, if it is not repatriation, it IS amnesty.
    Eliminate the magnets and enforce laws and most will not need to be “rounded up”. Did they have to be “rounded up” and brought here? no they didn’t. just make it more miserable for them here than it is in the countries they are citizens of and they will go back to wherever they came from.

    NO AMNESTY and no matter how words are parsed, if it is not repatriation it IS amnesty.

    we must stop amnesty, it is irreversible, will destroy the middle class, the party
    and the nation

  • garyinaz66

    NO AMNESTY of any sort, repatriation only!
    to amnesty pimps I ask: How is it morally or civically acceptable for the U.S. government to not just ignore the plight of 22 million Americans who desperately need jobs, but to actively pursue a policy that actually imports more workers to compete with them for scarce jobs, and that drives down wages?
    How is it morally or civically just to import large numbers of foreign workers at the expense of native-born minorities?
    How is it morally or civically right to import foreign labor and thereby deny our own young people the entry-level jobs they need to develop a work ethic and begin to climb the economic ladder?
    all you need to know is that ANY supporter of amnesty is anti-American citizen, I will even take it a step further, anybody who also doesn’t want to drastically cut or eliminate legal immigration until americans are back to work are also anti-American citizen. how many americans need to be unemployed and or on foodstamps and welfare before these corrupt politicians will stop savaging us with wage slave third world foreign invaders just to satisfy their chambers of commerce bribers.
    Today in the United States, 22 million Americans want, but cannot find, full-time jobs. Among Americans with only a high school education, one in five (20%) cannot find full-time work.
    Among Hispanic Americans with only a high school education, 36 percent cannot find full-time work.
    Among Black Americans with only a high school education, 40 percent cannot find full-time work.
    Among American teens—16 and 17 year olds—40 percent cannot find full-time jobs. And yet, today in the United States, because our government has abdicated its duty to enforce immigration laws, an estimated 7 million non-agricultural jobs are held by illegal aliens. The vast majority of these illegal aliens have no more than a high school education.
    In addition, our government currently grants permanent work permits to an average of 75,000 working-age legal immigrants every single month, under the most generous legal immigration policy in the world. About half of these immigrants have no more than a high school education.

  • garyinaz66

    if cruz really thought rule of law mattered he would be demanding illegal foreign invaders leave the country.

    • garyinaz66, In theory I agree with you about NO AMNESTY, if you are here illegally, you must leave and leave now, but it isn’t going to happen. I don’t want Congress discussing anything openly until they have secured the borders. Then a decision will be made, but they are not going to send most people home. A lot can be done, though, about the way the Senate wrote the bill, and it must be done.

      Steve King is the strongest in Congress I’ve seen on illegals.

      Thanks for the thoughts. I agree with you, and I agree they are “invaders.”

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