Surviving Dictatorship Under Franklin D. Roosevelt

Another intriguing and enlightening post today at Ann Barnhardt’s. Here are a few teasers designed to get your clicking finger fired up:


In 1943, a strike happened in seven cities against a major retailer of that time

Franklin D. Roosevelt order the U.S. military to seize one of the retailer’s offices in one of the seven cities

The CEO left the property in an unthinkable manner

Roosevelt installed his own manager in that city’s office

Roosevelt cited as his authority for the grab, legislation he had vetoed

Then Roosevelt picked another privately-owned company and put a U.S. military general in the CEO chair

Something huge happened to change it all. A Superman arrived on the scene.

Can we survive a similar dictatorship today? Do you know your history? Did you know this story? I didn’t know it in quite this way. Read it at Barnhardt.

H/T Doug Ross where you can see more on a similar, current version of the story above.



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