Shootings at Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom Assisted Living Overland Park Kansas

Shooter ID’d – see below – UPDATES ONGOING: This news is just breaking. The address of the Jewish Community Center is 5801 W. 115th St., (at Nall) Kansas City, Kansas and the Village Shalom, an assisted living center at 5500 West 123rd Street (at Nall), Kansas City, Ks. Both facilities are on lockdown. I’ll have updates as they become available. Let’s hope none, other than good news, will be needed on this day before the beginning of Passover.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas

Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas

UPDATE 11:00 pm pm CDT: Jewish Center Shooter: Frasier Glenn Miller/Cross Former Grand Dragon of NC KKK: William Corporon & 14YO Grandson Among Dead

UPDATE 10:00 pm pm CDT: Police say the man in custody is not from Kansas, but give no information about where he is from. See a video here of the man in custody yelling out the window at reporters. Sure sounds like he said “Heil Hitler,” so if he didn’t, we can be forgiven for thinking he did.

UPDATE 5:02 pm CDT: First, 2 people are now reported injured (a crawl on Fox News). Not sure that is correct, so stand-by. It is believed there is no longer a reason for safety concerns. Initial call came in 1:03 pm, from the Jewish Community Center. One immediate fatality, and a second, probably in “the same car.” Then received a call from Village Shalom of a fatality there, a female — not know if she was a staffer or lived at Village Shalom or was visiting there. They have said that two men killed at the Community Center, were killed at, or inside of a car. A total of 5 people were “shot at.” The back door of the Community center was “riddled with bullets.”

The suspect in back of car made several statements and they are vetting those now. The Chief of Police is not confirming that the man in custody said “Heil Hitler.” The man is in his 70s. A shotgun was involved in the first shooting, Investigating that a handgun was involved, and investigating the use of an “assault weapon.” No reason to believe he knew the victims and he was not known to the police department until today. Will not comment on reports that a teenager was wounded. Some things were found in the shooter’s car but no comment on what.

The man in custody is being held at the Johnson County Detention Center.

UPDATE 4:36 pm CDT: Arthel Neville updating, two died at the Jewish Community Center and one at Village Shalom. A parent is saying parents were dropping off their children for the “SuperStar” auditions at the Community Center.

UPDATE 4:16 pm CDT: Police report that the first shooting happened at the Jewish Community Center and “the second” at Village Shalom. The perpetrator was taken into custody on the grounds of an elementary school several blocks west of the assisted living center.

UPDATE 4:03 pm CDT: A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition at a hospital. A press conference is scheduled for 5 pm CDT. Source

Temple Israel and St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church will host a vigil service for those impacted by today’s events. The vigil will be held at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church, located at 12251 Antioch Road, in Overland Park. All are welcome to attend.

UPDATE 3:34 pm CDT: Just saw the (a) man in custody. He is white, looks to be in his 50s 70s, unkempt with a mustache.

UPDATE 3:24 pm CDT: Terrible update. KSHB41 is now reporting three people dead. One man was taken into custody at the Village Shalom Assisted Living center. He cretin in custody was reportedly yelling “Heil Hitler” according to this report.

UPDATE 2:53 pm CDT: Fox confirming one dead, unknown number of injured.

Fox report on eye-witness: A man was entering the Community Center with his son, thought he saw a man with a shotgun. Turned to look to his right and saw a man with what he thinks was a shotgun. Heard it go off, saw someone on the ground, and sent his son running.

Arthel Neville also repeated reports that there was shooting inside the Community Center in an auditorium where teen-age auditions were underway for “Super Star.”

UPDATE 2:46 pm CDT: One person in custody according to Fox News.

UPDATE 2:33 pm CDT: Shooting happened inside a theater where teenagers were auditioning for something, not clear what but I will update. The Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom are about three blocks apart. Reports are confirming one dead, with no confirmation on a second dead. This re: Arthel Neville on Fox News @ 2:33 CDT.

UPDATE 2:31 pm CDT: (KMBC9News) is reporting two dead, 1 injured.

A third person was shot and critically injured. That person was taken to a nearby hospital.


Overland Park Police confirm multiple shots were fired at the center, which is located at 5801 W 115th St.Kan.

A 41 Action News photographer on the scene spoke with a man who says another man pointed a gun at him and shot the windows out of his car. That person was not injured.

Police have not confirmed if there are any other victims, or the status of the gunman. But our photographer says he saw someone being taken away in an ambulance. Source: KSHB 41 Kansas City 

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  • KatieNorcross

    Someone tell me that anti-Semitism doesn’t exist in the US.

    • Katie, just as there is no anti-tea-party or anti-conservative sentiment in the U.S., anti-semitism doesn’t exist either. I could go on and on. Such a sad story. I know the Overland Park area well. It is a beautiful place to live.