Quapaw Ok 2 Dead from Fast Forming Tornado: My Internet, Email Service Off and On

Northeastern Oklahoma is in a stormy state of mind this evening. It has been windy today (not that that’s unusual) and my Internet provider, Cox, has been down most of the afternoon — unusual for them. Right now in Tulsa, it is warm and pretty. The azaleas off my office window are in full bloom, although not much else is for this time of the year. We are told Tulsa will miss the worst of tonight’s severe weather, but Quapaw, Oklahoma was hit a couple of hours ago with a fast-moving storm that turned from thunder showers to deadly rotation within minutes, leaving little time to warn the people. Two are dead and the fire station was destroyed.


From SkyNews 6, we could see that at least 10 homes or structures were completely destroyed in the downtown area and dozens of others have major damage.

A spokesperson for Baptist Regional Health Center says the hospital has so far gotten three patients who have tornado-related injuries.

Quapaw is about 20 miles southwest of Joplin. Source: News OK6

Prayers for those hurting in Quapaw and for safety for all those in the paths of the coming storms.

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