Oklahoma Rejected Eric Holder: Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange Addresses OKC Policy Academy Swearing In

Eric Holder’s ‘people’ cancelled his speech at the Oklahoma City Police Academy graduation class with little notice — in fact, close to no notice. The earliest reports I find are dated April 24th, the day of the swearing-in ceremony for Police Academy cadets. His ‘people’ gave no explanation other than “regrets” and “heartfelt congratulations,” via an email, and denied the cancellation came because of the large and angry protests planned against the U.S. Attorney General. Holder may have cancelled, but the real story is, Oklahoma rejected Eric Holder.

Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Many thanks to all those who began online protests over the lawless, lying, racist attorney general having the honor speak to our cadets on a great day of celebration.  Rally for America did a great job getting the news out. Then 2 Million Bikers to DC and 2 Million Bikers to DC Oklahoma took up the challenge. Special thanks to Belinda Bee at 2MB2DC for keeping the story front-and-center. I’d love to know how many phone, emails and faxes Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and Police Chief Bill Citty received from very angry Oklahomans. 

Attorney General Eric Holder canceled an appearance before the Oklahoma City Police Department’s graduating cadet class Thursday amid angry protests over his scheduled visit…

A Justice Department spokesman denied that the trip was canceled because of the possibility of a hostile reception. An early meeting at the Justice Department delayed Mr. Holder’s departure from Washington, causing him to miss the graduation ceremony, spokesman Brian Fallon said in an email.

“The attorney general had been looking forward to addressing the cadets, and regrets he cannot attend in person,” Mr. Fallon said. “He extends his heartfelt congratulations to the cadets and their families.”

But Mr. Holder’s scheduled visit to Oklahoma City drew the criticism of several conservative lawmakers who planned the protest in anticipation of his arrival, including Republican state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, who has said he believes that Mr. Holder should be impeached…

“He’s not coming because he’s a chicken,” Mrs. Russell told the Red Dirt Report, a local news website. “And he doesn’t want to be recorded with people protesting against him with signs like mine.” Source: Washington Times

Read original details here.

With little-to-no-notice, Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange stepped in for Holder. Miles-LaGrange is the Clinton

Vicki Miles-LaGrange

Vicki Miles-LaGrange

nominated judge who shot down Oklahoma’s ban on Sharia Law and any foreign law establishment in the state, siding with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CARI). In 2010, 70 percent of Oklahomans voted for the constitutional amendment. Miles-LaGrange is a native Oklahoman, studied at the University of Ghana, received her BA from Vassar and graduated Harvard Law. She has not spoken against the treatment of Muslim women anywhere on the globe, that I can find.

Miles-LaGrange also rejected the argument that the amendment could be salvaged by severing certain language that specifically mentioned Sharia law. That option would have retained less precise wording saying that Oklahoma courts “shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures.”

Former CIA Director, James Woolsey:

Woolsey told CNSNews.com that there have already been troubling court decisions in Europe, as well as one in New Jersey, in which courts have upheld violence against women as legal because the defendants adhered to Islamic law.

“There have been some awful cases in Germany and Italy — one in which a man’s right to severely beat his daughter was upheld by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation,” Woolsey said. “(There were) two ugly ones in Germany where men’s rights to beat their daughters and wives were upheld by the judicial system.”…

But Woolsey, meanwhile, challenges the idea that the law unconstitutionally singles out Islamic law. He said Shariah is the only religious law that is currently being used to justify violence against women.

“If they (CAIR) can find an example of another religious doctrine that permits — indeed authorizes — the beating of women and little girls then one might want to listen to them,” he said. “I have not heard that the Confucians or the Anabaptists, or whoever, claim that a subset of their religious doctrines authorize such beatings.”

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  • BrotherPatriot

    Thank you for your efforts in helping to reveal the lies of the Blue Pill world. This movie, Matrix analogy is extremely accurate for once you take the Red Pill and see through the illusions…everything begins to make sense once you learn about the very real threats of the New World Order equation. For these Agenda followers are behind much of History’s woes… Hooyah & God Bless the Truth.

    • BrotherPatriot, thank you for reading and caring. It’s much appreciated. Hooyah & God Bless the Truth!

  • Guest

    I find it amazing that Holder backed out given his sheer arrogance to always want that poke in the eye to those who disagree with him.

    The tides seem to be changing with all the insanity regarding this corrupt administration.

    New emails show the DOJ’s involvement with the IRS scandal.

    Everyday brings us closer to the truth.


    • I think it was the signs that would be captured from the protest that held him back. Generally, he doesn’t have to show his face to do what he does. Just guessing. Thanks for JW link. I’ll check it out. From what I’ve seen, there is no doubt that he is involved at every level of every corrupt act coming out of this administration.

      • BrotherPatriot


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  • Conniption Fitz

    He did not back out voluntarily.

    There were protestors demanding the AG be put in handcuffs for being in contempt of Congress (more than once).

    More here: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/04/25/eric-holder-abruptly-cancels-speech-amid-angry-protest-114727

    The whole administration is essentially lawless and many of them should be in jail.

  • I’m glad Eric Holder decided he had other things to do than come to Oklahoma, but I’m fairly certain the graduates of the police academy didn’t gain anything from listening to Judge LaGrange. The woman stinks of hypocrisy.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    If this creepy Islamophile Hyphenated woman judge who defends noxious sharia law is to be Holder’s substitute, I hope the graduates and others present will plug in their iPods and listen to a recitation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights – instead of her speech – because neither Holder nor Judge Hyphen appreciate or intend to uphold it.

    Perhaps they could also attach a US flag to the top of their mortarboards.

    Or some other form of protest.