ObamaCare Exchanges Fail: 11% Covered Through O-Care 30% Newly Insured on Medicaid, 59% Covered Through Employers

According to a new, in-depth RAND study, 59 percent of newly insured got coverage through their employers, not ObamaCare exchanges, but 5.2 million had their health insurance cancelled. Thirty-six million, or 30 percent of newly insured, joined Medicaid rolls.


But the exchange’s came in last place when RAND looked into the reason for the shift. The private insurance market had by far the largest effect, followed by Medicaid…

Obamacare exchanges through March 28 accounted for just 11 percent of the newly insured over the past six months.

The study didn’t examine the last several days of March, when Obamacare exchanges saw consumers select another million plans. Enrollment is still open for another week thanks to an extension. Source: Daily Caller

The Progressive agenda with ObamaCare was to build a path to single-payer, government health insurance — everyone on Medicaid. American Medicaid rolls now number more than the population of the United Kingdom.

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