Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, John Booker Jr In A Mental Hospital – NOT A THREAT – Never Was A Manhunt

Also known as John Thomas Booker, Jr. from Topeka, the ex-Army recruit who we were told, told his friends, and reportedly, the FBI, that he planned a “Ft. Hood-inspired jihad” against soldiers, is not a threat, never was a threat, there is no manhunt, never was a manhunt — the FBI is not trying to track him down, and further more you “should not be concerned,” because John Thomas Booker, Jr., aka Muhammed Abdullah Hassan is in a mental hospital somewhere.

John Thomas Booker, Jr., aka Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, Linked-In

John Thomas Booker, Jr., aka Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, Linked-In

Some of us thought it odd that a manhunt was on for a jihadist, yet a photo did not accompany the alert. I still think it’s odd.

Here’s the latest, within the last hour, from Fox giving us a look at what NOT to be concerned about:

The man identified in an FBI-sourced alert as “Booker, also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan” appears to be the same person who wrote of his jihadist aspirations, cheered on the murder of American troops in Iraq and praised the Al Qaeda terror boss in posts stretching back months, has learned.

“Getting ready to be killed in jihad is a HUGE adrenaline rush! I am so nervous,” read a March 19 post on the Facebook page authorities believe belonged to the subject of the alert. “NOT because I’m scared to die but I am EAGER to meet my lord.

John Thomas Booker, 19, of Topeka, Kan. enlisted in the Army in February and
was due to report for basic training on April 7. But the FBI interviewed him in March and alerted the Army, which formally discharged him last week. He is now in an undisclosed mental health facility, sources told

Hassan asked friends to pray for him, that he would be a martyr for Allah. He didn’t just ask, he begged (assuming the Muhammed Abdullah Hassan below is the same Muhammed Abdullah Hassan, because, you know how they are).

The following is from Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report. Read the story here.


“I wanna be a martyr (shaheed)!!! YA, brothers and sisters. Make a dua for me asking Allah to make me a martyr, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! My name is above in blue”

Here’s the alert that was issued, according to Fox News (see my original post from this morning here):

According to the alert:

“On 20 March 2014, the Kansas City Division FBI became aware of an individual named BOOKER aka Muhammad Abdullah Hassan who had publicly stated his intention to commit jihad, bidding farewell to his friends and making comments indicating his jihad was imminent. BOOKER had been recruited by the US Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for Basic Training on 7 April 2014. Kansas City Division Agents interviewed BOOKER on 20 March 2014.”

Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Ty Balzer confirmed the alert’s legitimacy, but referred questions to the FBI. A spokeswoman with the Kansas City Division of the FBI — the same division responsible for sending out the alert and who, according to the alert, spoke with Booker on March 20 — said she did “not have any information to provide in regards to your inquiry.”

Law enforcement sources familiar with the alert said it appeared to suggest that there may be others in addition to Booker who also might have expressed similar intentions to commit jihad against U.S. military installations.

A military source said it appeared the bulletin was provided by the FBI, then distributed by the Marine Corps under the normal protocol of sharing any information relating to a potential threat to U.S. military installations or personnel.

A spokesman for the Kansas City recruiting station where Booker enlisted referred’s questions to 902d Military Intelligence Group,which did not immediately return requests for comment.

Some of us saw a threat because we were told there was a threat. A man in the Kansas City area threatening jihad. Concerning. The FBI must have had a busy few days to send out an alert, involve the U.S. Marines, mention making jihad — maybe more than one person making jihad, and forget to tell us, hey, it’s over; he’s in a mental hospital (and by the way, he won’t stay long and we won’t give you notice when he’s released). Good grief. Does the FBI do April Fools?

H/T to wtd on the “no threat” story.

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