Louie Gohmert: House Leadership Working With Soros to “Take-Out” Tea Party, Conservatives – Destroying Our Base

I participated in a conference call last night (April 15, 2014) with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX). Focus topics were Attorney General Eric Holder, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), amnesty and House leadership raising money to “take-out” the Tea Party. Well-covered by Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is Holder’s “childish and lame” comments after he threatened Congressman Gohmert in questioning in a House judiciary committee meeting. ‘Threatened’ is my word, not Gohmert’s or Howley’s, but what else do you call it when the country’s Top Cop doesn’t like a line of questioning and says to a member of Congress, “You don’t want to go there buddy, you don’t want to go there,” and then blames Fast and Furious on the “gun lobby.Below is the discussion of fundraising to attack Tea Parties and Conservatives. Later today, I’ll pass on what the Congressman said about the IRS, Eric Holder’s lawlessness and what we can do about it, and the House leadership’s “hell bent” determination to make it happen. (Part 2 of the conference call on IRS targeting and dealing some justice to Holder is here.)

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert

Jennifer Kerns, Washington Times, asked for remarks on the recent Republican Main Street Partnership get-together on Amelia Island with House leadership attending.

KERNS: Speaking of Leadership, I understand that the story that the mainstream media has not written much about, is a retreat that took place at the Ritz Carleton on Amelia Island in Florida last weekend. It had about a couple of dozen colleagues of yours from Congress who attended a retreat that was funded mostly by George Soros and the Main Street PAC, who is anything but ‘Main Street,’ and just curious to know, No. 1, what do you know about the retreat that took place, and No. 2, what’s your opinion on your colleagues working against Conservatives in an active and progressive way?

GOHMERT: Obviously, what’s reported was going to go on there on Amelia Island has been very disturbing to all of us who are very conservative in the House…we’re the people that apparently intended to be the target of what they’re doing on Amelia Island….

When the subject is, as it has been portrayed, that we’re going to have a fundraiser and help destroy the Tea Party, then that’s like saying, ‘gee, this goose is laying these golden eggs, so why don’t we kill the goose, cut it open and see what happens then, cause it’s just making too much noise. We’re tired of the goose honking’

It was the Tea Party people that gave the Republicans the majority in 2010. We hadn’t earned it, we didn’t deserve it. Our leadership put forward a pledge that I didn’t like, but I agreed to make that pledge, and ever since we got the majority back, after we pledged ‘here’s what we’ll do if you give us the majority, our leaders have been rather taken-aback, some of us, like me, stand up at Conference and read to them from the pledge and point-out that we’re not keeping our pledge.

So it’s even more disturbing when we find out that our leadership, our current leadership — you know, I understand that the Speaker [John Boehner] wasn’t there, but from what I’ve read, he was willing to lend his name to the activities, and it was a fundraiser, and I understand some people — when you have leaders say, look we want to be a big tent, we want to reach out — excuse me, this is a fundraiser to try to take out the Conservatives in Congress that have given you the majority, that sat back while our moderate top leadership dictated what went on, that did not live up to our pledge, and now you want to take-out the people who said, ‘gee, you made us take a pledge, so you ought to live up to it.’

This really doesn’t make a lot of sense. I am deeply bothered by it because they are going to destroy the very base of our Party…

I’m really disturbed by the fundraiser and the strategy — and I don’t mind the fundraiser — but for our leadership to put their names and their stamp of approval on this, that this is to raise money strictly to take-out — strategize how to take-out — conservatives, that is very, very disturbing, and I can’t think of anything that would be much more divisive, than our leadership doing that, but I also want to tell you, we’ve got a bunch of our members who have said that ‘any person who pushes for any kind of amnesty bill this year, will not receive a vote from that member of Congress for any leadership position, and I don’t think there are enough people…that realize what a blow that’s going to be.

Brent Bozell warned Republicans about following this path. The Wall Street Journal asks why Bozell sees ” Republican Main Street Partnership” a problem, and then answers the question:

Republican Main Street Partnership–which counts about 51 House Republicans as members–as an enemy? First of all, they don’t like that the super PAC takes money from labor unions, at least $350,000 this year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Conservative blogger Erick Erickson wrote Wednesday that the “group is funded by the vast left-wing conspiracy.”

Tea-party leaders also don’t like the group’s interference in races where the Republican incumbent has been deemed insufficiently conservative. This cycle, the super PAC has spent $200,000 to defend Republican Rep. Mike Simpson (R., Idaho) against a tea-party challenger, and $44,000 to attack Republican Matt Lynch, who is trying to unseat Rep. Dave Joyce (R., Ohio) in the Republican primary.

I have posts coming up on the Congressman’s remarks on the IRS and amnesty. In the meantime a public service announcement.

Important Public Service Announcement:

You may know that Gohmert has established a PAC to elect and assist conservative candidates. He has discovered that someone (unnamed) has been using his name “as leverage” to raise money for something, but whatever that something is, it has nothing to do with GOH Conservative PAC, so know who you are giving your money too. After the Congressman left the call, Brad Marston of Four Tier Strategies said Gohmert’s PAC is a one-man operation, using only some of his Congressional staffers, after hours, complying with all campaign laws. There is zero overhead. Every dime donated goes to the cause. Read more about the PAC and on Facebook.

Earlier in the conversation, Gohmert was asked about his “strategy” for the PAC. He does not plan to be active in primaries unless Republicans are attacking a Conservative. The purpose is to support and assist conservative candidates.

From The Wire:

The PAC will be focused on issues like protecting America’s borders and the Second Amendment, as well as balancing the budget and fiscal issues. More importantly, it’ll give true conservatives the money and incentive to get away from RINOs like Boehner, who Gohmert thinks must be “reading the mainstream media and failing to read the record.” (Gohmert added that there was a “depression” when Boehner blamed Harry Reid’s shutdown on the Republicans.) Basically, there’s a war against the Tea Party, and you fight that war with money.

Many thanks to Joe for America (Joe the Plumber) and Andy Miller of 912Project, for supplying the audio of the call. Joe has a great ‘give away’ going on. Would you like to win two Glocks, a .22 rifle and a bonus of two Savoy Leather combo Holsters? A $1,500 value? Sure you would. See details and enter here. (Part 2 of the conference call on IRS targeting and dealing some justice to Holder is here.)

The Lonely Conservative was also on the call. See her comments here.

More today.

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Plenty of so called Rs are also dedicated to destroying conservatives. Read some of the blogs, pretty up front with it they are.

    • dba_vagabond_trader, if you’re speaking of non-pols blogging as Republicans, you’re right. We’re out manned, under-funded, but have plenty of constitutional knowledge and passion it match it, for whatever that’s worth.

      • dba_vagabond_trader

        Some of the comments I’ve read on various “conservative” sites, from people I once respected. Advising us to shut up about our Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion. Very disturbing.

  • Fixall

    Sad to say,the Republican party is destroying itself. The Tea party is what got them control of the House in the last election. The Tea Party is not the so called radical group that the Dems have portrayed them to be. Its main focus to for a smaller Gov’t and to cut the ridiculous spending.

    • Syrakelly

      I agree-When you have people like Cantor.who I thought was fighting for the people,but found out the last couple of days he can not be trusted..What a shame.Where did all the good guys go??

      • Guest, yes Cantor is one you have to watch all the time. He is powerful and not about to break with Leadership, no matter what he says. It is a shame. We do have good guys, but they’re not in leadership.

    • Fixall, by this time, I believe everyone on both sides understands what the Tea Party stands for. When TEA principles are attacked, its like using the race card, a known lie that is willfully ignored to line a pocket (maybe with votes, maybe with food stamps…)

  • Guest

    Mitch McConnell said he wants to punch teapartiers in the nose.
    The fight is on and something tells me they are feeling the heat !

    • Guest, wasn’t that incredible? I think they’re feeling it too, and I hope we can keep the fire burning all the way to the polls, but it isn’t going to be easy. EVERYONE must vote. There is no other way.

  • cabensg

    There’s only one thing that will stop the party elites. Conservative victories in primaries. All the money in the world doesn’t beat feet on the street especially in the atmosphere of government hatred we have now. No conservative should sit home for any election either. For this maybe short time we outnumber the putzes and even the uninformed will be with us for this election cycle. Remember Romney lost because people stayed home not because Obama was so loved.

    • cabensg, I just mentioned the same in another comment. We must vote. I know many are discouraged and I have several very well-informed and intelligent readers and commenters who say they will not cast a vote for a RINO. We just have to vote. All is lost if we don’t. It may be lost anyway, but it’s not ours to give away.

      • cabensg

        If they don’t want to vote for a Rino they need to put forth ever effort available to elect a conservative. The Senate Conservative Fund and individual candidate sites can use our donations. What we may lack in funds we have in numbers. If a million people donate $10 or $20 dollars to a candidate they would have the money they need. Having the convenience of the internet is a valuable tool we need to take advantage of.

  • Syrakelly

    I am new to commenting on your website,but have been reading it for sometime now and I wanted to tell you I love it
    Thanks for all you do to bring the deeds of this Admin to the people!

    • Syrakelly, what a lovely comment. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and to comment. Without readers, bloggers are nothing, so yes, I thank you and everyone interested in seeking out information, whether they agree with it or not. Can you imagine where we would be without the Internet? With all it’s dangers, we desperately need this forum.

  • maryland2

    Maggie, we need some names. Who attended? We don’t need to be supporting any republican that attended. Let’s hold them accountable.

    • maryland2, I’m trying to get the names. Everyone left D.C. for the holidays. I don’t think they’ve been in session all week. I’ll keep trying.


    So, Soros wants to destroy….DUH….What’s news about that? Everyone knows that guy’s a Commie looter……..He wants us to end up to be some 3rd World Craphole…..Like Somalia or Venezuela….and with his money, he’s got plenty of whores following him around……You see what money turns people into?

    • REDJI, it’s not about Soros, it’s about Republican leadership, but yes I do understand what money does to career pols.

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  • pumabydesign001

    The ultimate betrayal although we began to see signs of said
    betrayal within weeks after the 2010 elections. I remembered it appeared
    as if that that was promised just 15 days earlier was now out the window.

    Unfortunately, it has gone downhill since but that was part of the game plan
    was it not (on their end anyway)?

    The most egregious offense is collaboration
    with Progressives on the left and George Soros, a sin that can never be

    Yes, they have unlimited funding but we have passion, faith
    and I am hoping the numbers. Acknowledging all of the above, we also have
    our work cut out for us.


    • puma, yes, right after the 2010 elections, everything went south. I also agree that the economy, health care – all of it, was a planned destruction.

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