LaVoy Finicum: Cliven Bundys Neighbor on Points of Law of Grazing Rights – Speaks Directly to Glenn Beck

LaVoy Finicum is Cliven Bundy’s neighboring rancher on the Arizona side. Mr. Finicum posted an incisive video to explain what happened on the day the Bundy cattle were rescued, and particularly to answer Glenn Beck’s “misrepresentation” of the story. Finicum rode with the Bundy’s and he goes from start to finish through the day’s events, including the respect for the seriousness of what was to come, and the prayerful and patriotic attitude with which they rode toward the BLM. At 11:34 minutes into the video, he moves to the “points of law,” a very important discussion to have from the rancher viewpoint of what has evolved. The video is below, along with the transcription of the “points of law” segment.

LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum

POINTS OF LAW, LaVoy Finicum:

Now, to points of law, let me make this clear, I really appreciate you, Sean Hannity, you Mark Levin and others who have been very supportive of our stance but even so, the point of law is still often misunderstood. Let me try to explain it as simply and clearly as I can.

It is a right. It is a grazing right. The rancher owns that right as a personal property. Now, for example, on my ranch that grass is mine for my cows to graze upon. I own that. It’s my right, my ranch, my cows.

Now, on the same area where the miners come in and mine the uranium, they mine down and they mine those minerals out of there. That becomes their personal property. They own those mineral rights. Their rights. It’s private property. They own it.

I as a rancher do not have claim upon their mineral rights. They as a miner do not have claim upon my grass. They are separate rights on the same area.

Now, when the hunter comes, neither I as a rancher or the miner have claim upon the deer that the hunter hunts.

And the hunter does not have claim upon my grass nor on the miner’s minerals. These are ours. Our rights. Our property. I hope that you see in a simple way that these grazing rights are ours to own, to hold and control.

The BLM is overstepping their bounds, so that is the point of law that I wanted to make. It’s not that hard to understand.

Now Glenn, you called upon your religion and your scriptures and you put forth Joseph Smith, the prophet, as the example as someone who did not resort to violence, who allowed himself to be killed in the Carthage jail, not to call upon his [inaudible] militia to protect him, and justly so, he should be honored.

At the same time I feel that you minimized the sacrifice of David Patten, at the same time and at the same place, and the same religion. He gave his life fighting at the Battle of Crooked River to defend life, liberty and property. Was Joseph Smith’s life more precious, more valuable than David Patten’s? Was his less? Was his sacrifice less? I don’t think so. I think both were honorable. You say violence is never the answer. When it comes to our home, to our family, our life, liberty and property, do we not have a God-given right to defend them physically, if necessary?

I hope that these few simple words might be heard somewhere by somebody, and that understanding might be increased. God bless this great Nation that we live in, and this I say, giving thanks for all the blessings that God has showered upon this nation, upon me and upon my family. God bless America.

End LaVoy Finicum comments.

Mr. Finicum is very clear, but I’m a city girl and still do not completely understand. If I could speak to Mr. Finicum I would ask these questions, regarding Bundy Ranch:

Shiree Bundy Cox said her “great grandpa bought the rights to the Bunkerville allotment” I assume Mr. Finicum is referring to ‘owning’ grazing rights on public land ‘allotments,’ not the privately-owned property of his or Bundy’s ranch.

1. Is the purchased right to an allotment documented on a piece of paper?

2. Is the ownership (right) of a grazing allotment revokable by the BLM?

3. If the BLM revokes a right to graze, is that the same as taking away ownership of the allotment?

I believe Finicum is addressing Glenn Beck’s position on the matter of breaking a federal law, not Glenn Beck’s unbelievably strong position that Mr. Bundy is a racist. I was in my car the morning the “racist” story broke. Beck pounced on it and told you and me (paraphrased) that now that we have heard Bundy speak about “The Negro” we could not support him. Absolutely, he told me, I could not support Bundy. My answer to that is here.

H/T 2 Million Bikers to DC

LaVoy Finicum Tells the Story of the Bundy Ranch Cattle Rescue (video)
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