John Boehners Electile Dysfunction: How to DeFund Planned Parenthood

Listen-up. If you have a Boehner lasting longer than 23 years, don’t give up, there’s a fix for you. More below the video.

J.D. and Aimee Winteregg

J.D. and Aimee Winteregg – Click the Pic for More

I dare you not to guffaw.

J.D. Winteregg for Congress: When The Moment is Right (video)
Republican J. D. Winteregg is running against John Boehner for the House seat for Ohio’s 8th District. The primary is June 10, 2014. Find his Facebook page hereVisit his website here, but watch the video first.

J.D. earned a B.A. in International Business and French from Ohio Wesleyan University. He also has a M.Ed. in Foreign Language Education (Wright State University), a M.A. in French (Ohio State University), and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Foreign and Second Language Education (Ohio State University)….

He works tirelessly to improve the representation in the district, and in just a year, he has managed to become a leader within several tea party/liberty groups in OH-8. His advice to improve community outreach has been sought by leaders in these groups, and he has shown a commitment to help these groups improve. This commitment has helped his popularity to skyrocket within these groups. J.D. brings enthusiasm and creativity to the district–something that is desperately needed–and these attributes have helped to inspire others to action.

I’ll have more on his candidacy and endorsements in the coming days, in the meantime, read what Doug Ross has to say about J.D.

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