Jeff Sessions: Presidents Plan “To Collapse Nation’s Law Enforcement – Open Borders Cannot Be US Policy

Amid reliable reports that the GOP is planning to add amnesty language to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) addresses the facts of Obama’s lawlessness in the arena of illegal aliens in the U.S. in a speech from the floor of the Senate. Let us remember that illegals DO NOT IMMIGRATE, until they have gone through our immigration process, and we have legally certified them as an “immigrant.” Transcript and video below.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Begin Senator Sessions”

This is open borders. If you get past the border, get into the Interior, go to St. Louis, go to Salt Lake City, you go to Little Rock, Arkansas, then you can just stay. That cannot be the policy of the United States of America. It just cannot be the policy of a nation who expects its laws to be respected, that if you can get past the border, or you can get a visa into the country and overstay, nobody is going to have any intention of removing you or enforcing the agreement you made.

Attorney General Holder and Cecelia Munoz, who is the president’s chief director of policy person on immigration, used to be withh La Raza, they’ve described amnesty as a civil right, so you come into the country, illegally, and the Attorney General of the United States, declares that these individuals have a civil right to amnesty. How can this possibly be — the chief law enforcement in America?

Vice President Biden recently said, quote, “You know, 11 million people live in the shadows. I believe they are already American citizens.” Eleven million undocumented Americans are already Americans? Goodness. The Vice-President of the United States would make such a statement? It’s stunning beyond belief. Apparently, somebody whose visa was up, and they’re due to get on an airplane yesterday, and they read the Vice-President’s statement, and says, ‘well, I’ll just stay. Why should I go back? I’d rather stay now. I kinda like this place. If I go back, I’ll have to wait in line and compete in the system like everybody else who comes lawfully, but i’m here. I’m just not going to leave.’

Is it any wonder we have more people staying, as the Border Patrol chief said? Just ignore the law that there’s a company down the street in an area of high unemployment and they’ve got five employees working here illegally. Those would not be removed. They would be allowed to stay and just continue to work, UNLAWFULLY, and American’s would just be drawing unemployment insurance or other subsidies, who can’t get a job.

This is happening all over America.

Since the president took office, Interior removals have been cut nearly in half; they’ve dropped by 44 percent. More than half the ICE removals since 2009 are the border apprehensions — where they just caught them at the border and sent them back. These are not Interior deportations, as the statistics used to be focused on.

Two-thirds of all ICE removals last year were border apprehensions, so I said half earlier, it’s really two-thirds of the numbers that they are counting as deportations, and removals are really border deportations that weren’t previously counted as such.

Ninety-four percent of the removals last year — get this — were either apprehended at the border, which is not a true deportation or were convicted of a crime while in the United States. Do you hear that colleagues? Ninety-four percent of the people removed were either people captured at the border or had committed a serious crime, and most of the rest were repeat violators or fugitives that had been arrested on a fugitive warrant.

So, 99.9 percent of the 12 million illegal immigrants and visa overstays, without known crimes on their record, including those fleeing from authority, did not face removal last year.

Former ICE director John Sandweg said,” if you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant, here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero.” It’s just not going to happen. Now that’s the truth. I was a federal prosecutor. I know how this system works. I’ve worked with ICE offices and border patrol officers and prosecuted their cases. This is what the reality is.

If an individual has false documents, which is a felony for an American citizen, that doesn’t count as a deportable crime, it’s only drug-dealing or crime of violence or some robbery under the policies we are carrying out.

It just goes to show that our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse. It’s a deliberate plan by the president of the United States and it’s wrong. People need to be aware of it and need to stand up to it, and I think the American people are beginning to do so.

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Senator Jeff Sessions: The President’s Plan is to Collapse Law Enforcement (video)
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