Jeanine Pirro Transcript – Mike Morell: Islamists Already Pissed, High-Fiveing in the Middle of the Bazaar

Pirro points to the absurd reality of former CIA deputy director Michael Morell’s recent testimony about the changes he made to the Benghazi “talking points” parroted by the administration. As a side issue, she quotes him saying we were dealing with “protests” all over the Islamic world over the “video,” The Innocence of Islam.” That needs more discussion as the only real protest over that video reported was in Cairo.

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

Begin partial transcriptL

Former CIA Chief Michael Morrell swears to tell the truth, and incredibly claims his removal of the truth and substitution of lies about Benghazi and his attempt to change the course of history was not political.

In my line of work, when someone swears on the Bible and admits he lied and his false claims becomes the official version of the United States government, it would demand a presentation to a grand jury and the subsequent indictment.

He starts:

“I took out the word “Islamic” in front of “extremists,” ummm, and I took it out for two reasons. Most importantly, I took it out because, uh, we were dealing with protests and demonstrations across much of the Muslim world as a result of the video, and the last thing I wanted to do was to do anything to further inflame those passions.”

You remove any reference to Islamic terrorism, any reference to al-Qaeda, all references to an orchestrated attack because you didn’t want to inflame passions in the Muslim world? Inflame passions?

They’d be high-fiveing each other in the middle of the Bazarre! You don’t think the killing of four Americans, including an Ambassador, burning us in effigy, desecrating the American flag, is the result of already inflamed passions.

Are you stupid too?

A little history here Mr. CIA:

It started in 1979, in Iran with the taking of our hostages by Muslim terrorists, then they started killling us. 1993, the World Trade Center bombing, 2000, the USS Cole, 2001, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, Pennsylvania and you think you’re going to piss these people off? They already hate us!

And by the way, how do we know who the enemy is if you don’t identify them? There are all kinds of terrorists.

Morrell, you lied to us, you lied to Congress. You knew it wasn’t a video and you perjured yourself. You are a political whore.

And then, even though the truth was that our CIA warned us and you about the dangers in Benghazi, you take that out. Your reason?

“[This]” would have been seen as an attempt to make the CIA look good…~ Michael Morrell, April 2, 2014

Look good? IT WAS THE TRUTH!

Mr. CIA, you didn’t just sell your agency to the politics of the Obama re-election campaign, and the politics for the Hillary 2016 campaign, you sold your soul and you perjured yourself for money, now making a fortune working for one of Hillary’s dearest friends, so that she can now continue with her lie that she knew nothing about the dangers to her friend, Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Now I’m not a religious fanatic, but there was a man in a garden who lied and denied and took 30 pieces of silver. What was his name?

So you admit you lied to protect the woman who ‘would be president,’ who ignored and rejected the pleas of her Ambassador and the men who were murdered. Proud of yourself? And you sell youf fellow CIA men and women for your own personal ambition?

Even comic book characters know what the truth is:

SUPERMAN: We’re here to fight for truth and justice and the American Way.

LOIS CLARK: You’re going to end up fighting every elected politician in this country.

Truth and Justice were betrayed by you, by the president and by the woman who ‘would be president.’ It’s not just the four men murdered.

It’s not just their families battered and beaten from the changing narrative from this administration, including from the mouths of President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Secretary Panetta, and it’s not just the American people.

It’s our Republic, it’s our foundation, it’s who we are. How dare you try to change that.

Read Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s face-off with Morell in a House hearing here.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement on Michael Morrell and his Benghazi testimony (video)

H/T Saving the Republic


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