Ireland: Father Kelly Surprises Bride Groom by Singing Hallelujah – Watch for the Wry Smile

Newlyweds, Chris and Leah O’Kane, received a poignant gift from Father Kelly in Oldcastle, Meath (Ireland), as he officiated at their wedding. Listen to him as he sings the beautiful Hallelujah, personalizing it just a bit, just for them, and then watch for his little smile.

Father Kelly, Meath Parish, Oldcastle, Ireland - The wedding of Chris and Leah O'Kane

Father Kelly, Meath Parish, Oldcastle, Ireland – The wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane

Chris and Leah O'Kane

Chris and Leah O’Kane

Father Kelly Sings Hallelujah for Newlyweds Chris and Leah O’Kane (video)
Pictures by Michael Weldon/ Guzelian, see his work here.

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  • Geo

    Maggie, thank you for posting the video of Father Kelly. I saw a short version of it on the news. The man has some voice.

    • Fixall

      To Geo: Same here caught a glimpse on the news. Am glad Maggie showed more. It also made Father Kelly look more human and in touch with people.

  • Guest

    What a lovely surprise ..and Father Kelly’s smile is too cute.

  • That was great, wasn’t it.

  • lakeside227

    Thank you, Maggie, that was simply lovely.

  • byHisgrace

    Lovely and touching!I love this song. In every version I have heard.

  • I love the song. It is one of my favorite Christian songs.

  • pumabydesign001

    What a beautiful gift to the bride and groom. Father Kelly has a wonderful voice.