Illegal Aliens Take the Place of 5,000 Florida College Students

Illegal aliens, who Barack Obama refers to as DREAMers, are stealing the dreams of Florida students. Some 5,000 illegals will get into colleges where children of Florida’s taxpayers will be denied entry, not due to grades, but due to class size. When we talk about DREAMers and “immigrants,” we must remember that an illegal is not an “immigrant” until he/she/they go through the complete immigration process, as proscribed prescribed by law. No one immigrates to the U.S. until they are


In a report released by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) the impact of providing College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens (HB851/SB1400, AKA in-state tuition) will be that approximately 5,000 legal students will be displaced in Florida higher level institutions by illegal alien students….

While the number of displaced legal students and fiscal cost vary slightly between HB851 and SB1400 the estimates are similar:

• HB851 will displace of 5,026 legal students

• SB1400 will displace 5,175 legal students

• The fiscal cost of HB851 is estimated at $21.7 million.

• The fiscal cost of SB1400 is estimated at $22.7 million.

I remember driving to the University of Texas with our son, when he so desperately wanted to go there and graduate from UT — a time when he, hubby and I had full confidence that with our son’s grades, entrance to UT would be a no-brainer. We had a pre-arranged appointed time to meet with the counselor, after paperwork had been sent and phone conversations ensued. It was a long day’s drive from Tulsa, and it took the admissions counselor less than ten minutes to tell us that the school had to fulfill their allotment of minorities, and he added, that quota had to be met, even though the grades of those filling the quota weren’t close to my sons — not to mention that taxpayers in Texas would pay for the minorities who had not worked nearly as hard as my son worked, and hubby and I would have paid retail. Unlucky Texans. Unlucky Floridians.

Read more at Grumpy Opinions and thanks to Puma at Viewpoints of a Sagitarrian. Visit her here.

Senator Jeff Sessions lays out the Obama plan to collapse our law enforcement system by refusing to deport illegals. Read it here.

Linked at Doug Ross and Larwyn’s Linx in the There is Nothing New Under the Sun. Know Your History edition. Read it here.


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  • rayhause

    The Democrats has taken this country to where success is not gaged by an individuals work but by if you want to contribute to the destruction of your country. There is absolute no one can convince me that the Democratic party will exactly that and I’m seeing but one way to eradicate them.

  • eaglechick

    Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio should be reminded of these stats each and everyday. Add John Cornyn and Rick Perry to the list. Article needs to be on Breitbart Texas in bold script and ink.

    • eaglelchick, I’ve tweeted most of them., and just added BreitbartTexas. Forgot Jeb Bush, but just tweeted him as well. Rubio, Bush, McCain, Flake, they don’t care. Thanks for the suggestions and the outrage. We need lots of outrage to keep the fires burning.

  • SUSANM621


  • SUSANM621


  • I’ll bet this does anger the bleeding heart liberals as it does us.

    • Woodsterman, I’m betting they’ll make room for the bleeding hearts. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.

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  • GoneWithTheWind

    This is a national disgrace. Multily this by 50 states to get some idea of the problem legal citizens are facing. I have said in the past that someday you and I will be denied health care as a means to cut costs while at the same time millions of illegal aliens will be getting free health care. It is apparently true for college too. Someday, as the welfare costas continue to skyrocket, legal citizens will be denied welfare, perhaps placed on waiting lists while illegal aliens are given welfare. The entire system is upside down and it isn’t accidental. Obama and many Democrats are intentionally crashing the system. The question we should be asking is why?

    • GoneWithTheWind, before Obama took office and still today, I believe this is a longtime plan. I’m betting more meetings went on between Obama and Holder once Obama became a US Senator than we can ever imagine. Social justice, education justice, education debt — all a yearned for plan, now coming true. Community organizers gain votes by doing whatever it takes. If they can get it done, they do it. Seems to me the people of Florida would COME UNDONE OVER THIS, but I don’t hear the roar.

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  • As my Dad would have said, “Faaaantastic.”

    It was his way of avoiding the use of more colorful language. I’ll factor this into The Amnesty Papers III. Thank you for exposing this.

    (BTW, came here by way of Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s links feature)

    • K-Bob,you are welcome and thanks so much for traveling over from Doug’s. I really appreciate it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I think.

  • thumper79

    this is the direct result of the non-enforcement of the last amnesty, political correctness, the big pockets/hearts of the American taxpayer, and one last thing: American stupidity!

    • thumper79, sure is stupidity. We will never recover if this gets through. The way the Senate bill is written the 11 (ahem) 20 million already here can bring everyone in their family up behind them.

  • EC

    GRRRR – prescribed, not proscribed. Stop flicking my inner grammar nazi

    • EC, you are right, it should be ‘prescribed,’ and I’ve made the correction. But why the extreme irritation? The ‘GRRRR,’ the ‘nazi.’ I write hundreds of words every day, some days thousands. Are you doing that? Listen up, DO NOT COME HERE AND CALL ME A NAZI. Got it?

      • EC

        I was not calling you one by any means. It was more a wry (and tasteless) observation about one of my more annoying personal quirks. I see an extremely well written and well thought out piece with one wrong word and it flicks me on the raw.

        You have seen that picture from Liberal Logic 101? It says “You misspelled a word, therefore your argument is invalid.” Sadly, they do think like that. It’s become reflexive to remove at least that aspect from the left’s arsenal when I can.

        I apologize deeply for any hurt I caused you.

        • EC, my apologies for jumping to conclusions. I am familiar with that particular logic, including, Alinsky’s Rule 5, “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” I am never hurt by criticism, or correction, but I get some inexcusable meanness here at times, and it always amps up as a election nears. If you are a novelist, you are living the dream, my friend. I hope you will come back.

          • EC

            I wish the dream came with a steady income!!!

            You have exactly zero need to apologize.

            You are going to get meanness. You tell the truth and the truth hurts. I rarely comment, other than on two political blogs, but I shall be stopping by daily.

            Politics is more a hobby for me than anything else. I prefer other aspects of life.

            • Politics is a life for me but my hobby is reading great books and watching a few of them appear on TV (because they never appear on the big screen in the way they should). I devoured George RR Martins’ Game of Thrones, now wait for Sunday evening for the hour that passes so quickly. Fortunately, I’ve read it because it would be impossible to follow without the background.

              If I had more imagination, I would write. I have no imagination and no humor, so I’m stuck with a blog 🙂 What do you write?

              • EC

                Comedy, sci fi, factual,news analysis (and romances). Pretty much whatever pays the bills! Novels are more a labor of love. Working on one now, 30 interconnected stories about a military unit.
                You got my email – drop me a line, I’ll send you the link.