D’Andre Berghardt Jr Killed by BLM Park Rangers in Red Rock Nevada: Video What Other Agencies Have These Powers?

First I want to say that I support all policing authorities having the right to self-protection, but the BLM is in the news today and we have learned through the Bundy Ranch story, that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), manages people with deadly force, as well as our public lands. In mid-February in Red Rock, Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) shot and killed D’Andre Berghardt, Jr. He was 20 years old. The BLM refused to comment on the story until recently. Just so happened a motorist was filming the shooting. Two couples riding rented bicycles called police, or some authority, about being “attacked” by Berghardt. Note that the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Berghardt, Jr. was “shot by park rangers,” not the Highway Patrol. We learned from the Bundy Ranch story that BLM has rangers and snipers.

The BLM confirmed Thursday that both rangers fired after Berghardt Jr. reached for the trooper’s AR-15 rifle, which was secured in a locked gun rack. Only one ranger can be seen firing in the video.

Eight or nine shots can be heard. Berghardt Jr. didn’t appear to have a weapon.

The BLM refused to identify either officer, but said one ranger had 17 years of law enforcement experience and the other was a nine-year veteran.

D'Andre Berghardt, Jr.

D’Andre Berghardt, Jr.

The first video below is a motorist, watching and videoing the BLM shooting. In the beginning there is one BLM vehicle with what appears to be two personnel, referred to by the motorists as “Rangers.” You can hear a motorist saying, “he’s holding his gun on him, it’s nuts.” It takes a while before one Highway Patrol vehicle arrives. They got Berghardt to the ground, and let him get up again. He ran around the Highway Patrol vehicle and climbed inside. The next thing you know, you hear the motorist (and you can see it in the video) say, “they just shot him, they killed him, dude.”  [5:52min-mark] “What’s ridiculous about this is that they never grabbed him, they let him get up….They had him on the ground. I don’t know why they didn’t just jump on him, pin him….Redneck justice,” heard from the eye-witnesses.

A jogger told the Review-Journal she often saw the man walking on the road in recent weeks with his bedroll and a few other possessions. She suspected he was homeless.

The man walked with “such touching resoluteness,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified. “I often wondered where he was from and where he was walking to with such determination.” Source: Review Journal

D’Andre’s father is quoted saying his son left California for Las Vegas “two days” before the shooting, so the source above may have confused him with someone else. The father said his son was not homeless, did not do hard drugs “smoked weed” and “might have a beer.” He simply had a fight with this mother and had left for Las Vegas and was to meet his brother at the Las Vegas bus station. The deceased didn’t have a “lengthy criminal record” but a charge of theft in 2012 is still pending.

No doubt in my mind that officers felt threatened:

The incident began when BLM rangers were called to the area in response to reports from bicyclists who reported that a pedestrian was attacking them along State Route 159…

Dillon [Metro Capt. James Dillon] sat on Metro’s Use of Force Review Board for years. He said it appears the NHP and BLM acted appropriately, trying to calm Berghardt down.

“He could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He could be mentally ill, which creates a huge level of concern and threat,” Dillon said. “We don’t run in and just put hands on.”

The pivotal moment comes when Berghardt goes inside an NHP vehicle.

“A rifle, AR-15, or a shotgun, those are normally kept in the passenger front compartment in the driver’s compartment of the vehicle, so he could have immediate access to a firearm,” Dillon said. Read more at Fox5

Quote from the man who rented the bicycles to the couples who complained about being “attacked:”

“He [bicyclist] said he [Berghardt] was carrying two tote bags with him, and looked kind of out of place for out in the middle of nowhere. He said he looked homeless, deranged, chattering,” McMurtey said.

The couples told McMurtey the man tried to get them to stop, but they continued riding. Soon after that, State Route 159 was barricaded.

Not exactly an “attack.”

I want our police to protect us, but I’d like to know just how much power the BLM has, and exactly how many other organizations have the same power? The Social Security Administration requested 174,000 hollow points. The Internal Revenue and the Department of Education both wield Remington Model 870 pump-action shotguns — both of which have acquired huge amounts of ammo through the Department of Homeland Security, and the Left wants to take away our right to self-defense.

H/T to Grumpy at Grumpy Opinions with an article on “The American Melting Pot” under the regime of Barack Obama.

Motorists video the killing of D’Andre Berghardt, Jr. in Red Rock National Conservation Area (video) 
Linked at BadBluesmart news, uncensored 24/7. Read it here.

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  • If Obama had a son, would he look like D’Andre Berghardt?

  • Rebecca

    Thanks to drug runners, illegals, robbers, and Americans who don’t abide by park rules, it can get pretty wild out west. We see and hear of lots of things when going on vacation or traveling. Another thing wrong with the West, is a lot of the forestry and agriculture people have no roots out here. They are recruited from cities back east, unlike in the old days, where it counted if you had family connected to the land. The park rangers have been armed for years and can’t afford to mess with people. The countryside isn’t what it used to be.

    • Rebecca, good point about the people actually caring about these beautiful parks. I understand that Park Rangers must be armed, and police, but I’m not so sure about the BLM.

      • Rebecca

        I’m not sure about the BLM- when they became armed or why. They do cover a lot of land and I do know there are illegals going through their territory all the time. Why they were on the highway, instead of the highway patrol, I don’t know, they could have stopped to help the guy, and it turned bad–then maybe they were trying to keep the guy where he was until the HP showed up. Some of the people we’ve seen out in the middle of nowhere are scary. There was a shoot out in Lincoln County, NM a couple of years back when we were tourists there. They have gambling casinos in these places and they attract bad guys, just like Vegas.

        • Rebecca, maybe I’m wrong but the BLM are land “managers,” not a police force. We have Park Rangers and others for that. The BLM checks the land and pushes the papers. Am I wrong?

          • Rebecca

            I don’t know. BLM land is part of the Interior Dept. The Forest Service is Dept. of AG. The National Park System is Dept. of the Interior, but I don’t think BLM is under NPS. They each cover a different territory as far as I know. One covers grasslands, one forests, and one parks and most are in western states and Alaska. There are a couple of more agencies managing land as well.

            • Rebecca, I’m sure the Red Rock Conservation area is Federal land, but Bundy’s allotment was on Nevada public land, and while they didn’t kill anybody, they left the strong impression that they could and would. They manage public lands. I bet we will find no where in the “rules” or the “laws” that they can train snipers on citizens.

              • Rebecca

                I wasn’t talking about Bundy’s land. I was talking about the BLM in general, and this article which is not about Bundy. The BLM is armed. And, if you would like more info on them, you can google them. Google “BLM Nevada.”

                • Rebecca, I’ve been reading through the BLM site for days now, but not BLM Nevada. Yes, this article is different because it is not about Bundy, but likely wouldn’t have caught anyone’s attention with Bundy.

                  • Rebecca

                    I am not saying there isn’t a sinister plot. There could be one. The environmentalists, “Hairy Reed,” the Chinese and solar power- plus other agencies- could be the tip of an iceberg. I am glad people showed up to be sure there isn’t another Ruby Ridge. However, the BLM can be armed and are armed for good reason and that is not a sinister plot in itself. We have foreign people out looking over our water, our dams, even the range cattle. Some of the Weirdos have a problem with cow flatulence– you can’t get much stranger than that.

                    • Rebecca, I agree with you. I still don’t know HOW the BLM was authorized to be armed, but nevertheless, I do agree. In this story, the bottom line for me is that there are agreements from the 1800s made between some states and the government. Today, Congress should review those agreements that no longer favor ‘We The People,’ in fact hurt ‘We the People.’ Things need to change, and if we weren’t aware of some of the intricacies, we are of this one, now.

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  • Sue

    Too late now for the guy, but I wonder if he might have appeared – and maybe was – delirious from THIRST and might have simply wanted to ask the couple on the bicycles if they had any water? I think thirst is not unreasonable to question for a young man alone in the desert. The shooting was two months ago; it seems an autopsy would have revealed if he was crazed from drugs.

    • Sue, that’s a great thought. This has been kept out of the news with the exception of the Las Vegas Journal Review (for the most part). His family’s attorney has asked for an autopsy by a second doctor. I’m not certain the first has done an autopsy, but he made comments about being on drugs before an autopsy. Can’t find what has happened, but it has to have happened by now.

  • Denis George Miller

    where does the government hide all this ammo? since they are so flush maybe the owners, aka citizens, need to acquire some of it for personal use!