Bundy and BLM K-9 Unit Video: “Who Threw Margaret on The Ground?” Recording Brutality

This emotional video is well-worth a watch. This is what happens when government decides to take your land, your property, your highway, and you stand-up for your rights. Unbelievable video, including testimony from a 57-year-old throat cancer survivor on being thrown to the ground (maybe grabbed at the throat, as well). Attack dogs at the ready, tasers drawn, and in some way, threatened a pregnant woman with one of the dogs. Citizens eventually chased them off — they were NOT having this absurd abuse. At one point you hear that one of the government vehicles had an “Oregon” license plate. For background on the entire Bundy Ranch story, happening now, read this timeline for a quick take on what is happening here, and find information on the poor tortoises being used as an excuse for abuse here. H/T The Lonely Conservative for the video.

Bundy Ranch: Government Attacks Citizens Supporting Cliven Bundy Family Ranch

Bundy Ranch: Government Attacks Citizens Supporting Cliven Bundy Family Ranch

PullOut Quote from video:

“I don’t mean any harm, I’m just recording your brutality.”

Bundy Ranch Riot (video)
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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Patriots – The unionized thugs in this video are the K-9 National Park Rangers that have taken over our National Parks and have been given authority beyond the pale. Never forget they were prepared to harm WWII veterans if they crossed barriers to the Washington Memorials – that are opened aired and never ever closed to the public. “We The People” did NOT back down, and in the end the Rangers were given orders to leave. The folks gathered wanted to know why they had backhoes there at the Bundy ranch, and why they were being restricted to travel on their own State highway? The rangers grabbed a 60+ cancer survivor woman from behind and threw her to the ground just because she was taping their activity. Make your voices heard….it can happen here in my “Live Free or Die” State of NH or in your State! The video is chilling and sickening. You know who gives these orders and authority to harm good and decent Americans!

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Patriots – as a further observation and comment, they did not grab a man – they grabbed and threw harshly to the ground a petite woman. Her pant knees are torn, knees scraped, and her wrist is injured. Are these Rangers Muslim???

  • steve

    Hey Maggie … glad to see you’re on this. The Feds are confiscating the herds and auctioning them off in Colorado and have been flying over the area vey low in helicopters separating the calves from the mothers … which will result in the calves perishing in the Nevada heat.

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  • Fixall

    When you watch this video, you almost think you are in a third world country. This is NOT the America I grew up in.

  • judyann j

    This is what the Obama administration has brought to America. Just as Obama has, over and over again, violated the oath to, “protect and defend,” the Constitution, he has quietly gathered together his own militia and his enemies? We the People…anybody who disagrees with Obama and the Progressive Left Wing ideologies, ARE the enemy.
    Make no mistake, this new Obama’s America is nothing short of a fascist state. America had better stand up and fight this NOW lest there be nothing remaining TO protect and defend.
    We have NEVER before seen an administration so corrupt as this one. Be it Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS used as an attack dog for the Left or the government assault upon AP news reporters, the level of corruption is frightening. Meanwhile, both Obama and Holder hide behind their race declaring any disagreement with them is a sign of racism. In fact, the only overt racism we are seeing is coming directly from the Left.

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  • just sayin…

    And I would bet that her cancer is a result of the Nuclear Testing the govt did in Nevada. Thousands of documented cases that were caused by the exposure to the radiation. Did the govt protect it’s citizens then? Yet all of this BS with the BLM to protect a tortoise? WAYYYYY more to this story than turtles and grazing fees.