BLM Quits Bundy Ranch Operation Over Concerns of Safety: No More Cattle Rustling By BLM

Now we have to ask “what’s next?” Will the federal court orders be ignored in the future? I doubt Bundy_Ranch_About_the_Future_Not_Cows_1it. Was the story getting too close to the truth? Was Harry Reid involved in any of the several ways we have heard reported? Maybe. Fox News’s William La Jeunesse just gave a live report from the ranch, reading a statement from the Bureau of Land Management. When I can find the statement, I’ll post it here. More as available.

Next mission: change these disastrous laws that allow government to intrude in unnecessary ways. States, take back you land and protect your people.

UPDATE 12:18 pm CDT: Cliven Bundy gave Sheriff Gillespie one hour to disarm the BLM, and apparently bring the arms back to him. You can see it streaming live here. Someone asked Bundy when the “hour” began and he said he forgot to check the time. So the crowd is all waiting for disarming.

According to the live-stream, the Sheriff said he would re-open the range. Bundy did not ask for his cattle back, he asked for the Sheriff to exercise his authority to disarm the BLM for the safety of his family and neighbors.

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