At Bundy Ranch “Soldiers” With AR-15s Hiding Behind Cars: Cows Will Not Be Returned to Bundy

UPDATE: @BreitbartTexas tweets “Feds Retreat from Armed Standoff, returning Cattle to Bundy Ranch.” At the ranch right now (2:52 pm CDT), there are armed “soldiers” at the site where Bundy and activists believe Bundy’s cattle have been rounded-up and Police_State_1stashed (the word “soldier” was used, but let’s wait until we here more before jumping to conclusions). After being told the BLM would stand-down this morning, it appears nothing of the sort is happening. InfoWars was streaming live, right at the spot where the cattle were, when the feed was cut, and apparently InfoWars is not the only one to lose communication. Cell phones are working and Alex Jones was talking by cell to David Knight who says someone there has threatened to shoot the activists. The area is heavy with armed police and other officials. Traffic has stopped on the interstate, honking in support of Bundy. David Knight says there are “soldiers” hiding behind cars with AR-15s. Amid the reporting, Bundy’s cattle will not be returned to him. More as information becomes available.

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