Amnesty-Bound Eric Cantor Won’t Debate Dave Brat – Cantor Can’t Face Voters in Virginia’s 7th District?

The powers behind the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) remind me of the DOJ putting Obama’s major donor Barbara Bosserman in charge of investigating the IRS targeting of conservatives. In-your-face arrogance. The conflict of interest in hiring Shaun Kenney as their Executive Director and head of fundraising was shocking. Further shocking, a couple of weeks later, he still has the job. The RPV also hired Ray Allen’s Creative Direct LLC with a $1.3 million price tag for direct mail fundraising for coming elections. Ray Allen is Congressman Eric Cantor’s (R-VA-7th) “top political consultant.” Is it possible Allen will raise funds for Cantor’s challenger, David Brat?

Dr. David Brat

Dr. David Brat

Ray Allen is not a consultant who just happens to offer direct mail; he’s a direct mail magnate who consults in order to more efficiently redirect his clients’ money into his own pockets. An old saying goes, “When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” When you’re Ray Allen, direct mail is your hammer, and every election is your nail. Source: The Bull Elephant, Steve Albertson

Shaun Kenney’s wife, Melissa, is the principal of K6 Consulting according to this report. “K” for Kenney, “6” for their six children (maybe)? Shaun’s brother Jason is also employed by K6 and you’ll see below, he has a very important client. Is it possible Shaun Kenney will raise money for Cantor challenger David Brat?

The Republican Party of Virginia is paying two people already on Eric Cantor’s payroll, unless you want to believe that Melissa Kenney and Shaun Kenney do not dip into each other’s bank accounts. Kenney said he left the “consulting” business when he went to work for the RPV (unsaid – but my wife didn’t). While Melissa is named the principal of K6 on official records, the K6 website is registered under Shaun Kenney’s name. Once again, can you envision a fair election process for Dave Brat in the 7th District’s future?

Jason Kenny “works for Cantor:” 

Shaun Kenney’s co-blogger, JR Hoeft tried to calm the waters by saying, Jason Kenney, Shaun’s brother, “works for Cantor.” We have plenty of proof that Eric Cantor doesn’t recognize the existence of a bottom-line — you know, the one that K6 receives from a CPA at the end of every month; the bottom line everyone in the company works toward to make as big, black and bold as possible. No need for a bottom line when you have the power of Eric Cantor and have participated in an ever-increasing top line known as escalating debt and budgets, and a plan to send that line to never-never-land by allowing 11 million (who are we kidding, 20 million) illegals find a path to citizenship without securing borders first.

Maybe Jason Kenney can add a line-item to Cantor’s schedule and make time for a debate with Dave Brat?

Cantor has had challengers before and he doesn’t ‘do’ debates. If you knew nothing at all about Dave Brat before today, consider this from Amanda Chase, Cantor’s former political director:

This is probably the first time that Eric has had a credible opponent with a comparable education and background.

Will Cantor debate Dave Brat? I have the quote directly from my phone conversation with Professor Brat today and the quote comes from Ray Allen, the man with $1.3 million in his pocket from the RPV:

Congressman Cantor is too busy serving his constituents to debate. ~ Ray Allen

Appalling that if Dave Brat wants to debate Cantor, he has to go through a man now working for both Cantor and the RPV.

Today, Friday, the busy, busy, busy Eric Cantor is in Japan.

That quote from Allen came on the same weekend Cantor and others from the House leadership were attending the Amelia Island confab at the Ritz-Carleton, funded mainly by George Soros and the Main Street Republicans who are anything but main street. The focus of the Amelia Island get-together was a plan to destroy small government, fiscal conservatives inside the Republican party, because without their wrecking ball, the Republican leadership loses its power.

Brat said Cantor refuses to debate because he cannot support his voting recording in front of Virginia’s 7th district. Take a look at Cantor’s voting record. He’s practically sitting on the left side of the aisle.

If you are a Virginian, whether you support Cantor or Brat, and you care about the democratic process in your state, you can insist that there be a debate.

You can also insist that the chairman of the Republican Party of

Pat Mullins

Pat Mullins

Virginia, Pat Mullins, make a public statement about how he justifies the hiring of Shaun Kenney and contracting with Ray Allen when there is a clear conflict of interest. Contact phone for the RPV: 804-780-0111, FAX: 804-343-1060, Facebook (some unhappy people commenting here), Twitter: @VA_GOP

If Cantor is the conservative he wants you to believe he is, he shouldn’t have a problem facing off with Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Mason College. Cantor is on your payroll. Allen, is on Cantor’s payroll, and says Cantor doesn’t have time to ‘debate.’ You can change his mind, or if you can’t, don’t forget it at the ballot box.

Cantor’s Washington office Phone: 202-225-2815, FAX 202-225-0011. Click here to send an email. Twitter: @EricCantor or @GOPLeader. His Facebook page is followed by 57,000+ people but it’s practically a blank slate. No way to leave a comment there. He doesn’t trust the people he represents. Visit Dave Brat for Congress here. The Virginia Primary is June 10th.

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