Win for US Citizens: Feds CANNOT Deny States’ Requirement for Citizenship to Vote: Judicial Watch to Sue 2 States & DC

As we near another fall election, those who care about free and fair elections are stepping up the movement to clean-up voter rolls and the Department of Justice dislikes it so much that they are suing the state of Florida. Kansas and Arizona just won the right to require registering voters to prove citizenship, “ruling that the federal government can’t deny the states’ efforts to add it to federal forms.” How ludicrous is it that this ‘right’ must be “won” in a court of law? What is really ludicrous is that we weren’t paying attention years ago and now we have allowed a corrupt DOJ to prey on our laws.


In June 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court said that Arizona could not require new voters to show proof of citizenship. Astounding! Now look at this:

…but the justices dodged the question of whether states could ever impose such a requirement without federal approval. Source: Politico

The SCOTUS decision was based on Bill Clinton’s 1993 National Voter Registration Act that allowed a registration to be mailed-in with the registree “swearing” on the application that he/she was a U.S. citizen. How stupid were we back than, and think about how little we did to protect our sacred right to vote.

The ruling Wednesday from the U.S. District Court of Kansas holds that the Election Assistance Commission was wrong to reject Kansas and Arizona’s request to have federal voter registration forms for Kansas and Arizona residents include information about proof of citizenship requirements mandated by the state legislatures.

In his opinion (posted here), District Judge Eric Melgren ordered the EAC to add the state-specific language “immediately.”

Wednesday’s ruling is the latest in a series of court challenges to the states’ laws. Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled in Arizona vs. Intertribal Council of Arizona that the states’ laws contradicted the National Voter Registration Act, holding that the states could not mandate a requirement of proof of citizenship not required by federal forms.

Here’s a snippet of the Judge’s ruling justifying his actions:

Does the United States Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”) have the statutory and constitutional authority to deny a state’s request to include its proof-of-citizenship requirement in the state-specific instructions on the federal mail voter registration form? The Plaintiffs — Arizona and Kansas and their secretaries of state — say it does not, and have asked this Court to order the EAC to add the requested language immediately. Because the Court finds that Congress has not preempted state laws requiring proof of citizenship through the National Voter Registration Act, the Court find the decision of the EAC denying the states’ requests to be unlawful and in excess of its statutory authority.

Just as our Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and law enforcement across the country, can no longer ask is a person is in the U.S. legally, neither can voting supervisors. They must first receive a tip that there someone is illegally registered or is voting illegally.

In Florida, jury excusal forms outed non-U.S. citizens who were voting illegally. NBC2 discovered non-citizens called to serve on juries ticking the ‘not a U.S. citizen’ box. The investigative reporter then checked those names against voter rolls. He found about 100 of them in the Florida registered voters database in a two month investigation. Imagine if the investigation had gone back for twelve or 24 months. One person interviewed said she had no idea why she was registered to vote, another said ‘I vote every year,’ but was silent when asked if she knew it was not legal for her to vote. See that video below.

Florida Governor Rick Scott began to try to turn the situation around in his state. Predictably, the Department of Justice sued Florida. They wanted no purged roll, because — get this — because it “discriminates against minorities.” The NAACP backs the DOJ, while the DOJ should be suing the NAACP for voter fraud.

Having said all that Governor Scott’s ‘Integrity Project’ to accomplish “purging” with plagued with problems. Elections supervisors accused the Florida Secretary of State’s office with providing “unreliable data.” But see, here’s the real problem:

In the first purge attempt, Frazier said, 82 percent of the names on the ineligible list were non-white, and of those, 60 percent were Hispanic. Source: Bradenton Herald

It’s all about race, not U.S. citizenship.

Judicial Watch has been a leader in investigating voter fraud and in 2012 launched a special Election Integrity Project. As part of the initiative JW has examined publicly available data that indicates that voter rolls in a number of states—including Florida, Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, California, Colorado and Ohio—contain the names of individuals who are ineligible to vote. The JW investigation has showed that there appear to be more individuals on voter registration lists in these states than there are individuals eligible to vote, including dead people. Source: Judicial Watch

This week, Judicial Watch notified the states of Iowa, Colorado and the District of Columbia that “they have more registered voters than people eligible to vote.” The notification gave the two states and one district 90 days to clean-up their mess or be sued. It should be interesting to see how D.C. handles this.

In the Judicial Watch notification they quote Section 8 of the Voter Registration Act, requiring each jurisdiction to routinely purge rolls of ineligible voters, including the dead, who all too often rise again to mark a ballot, and those who change locations or have new identities as felons. Five lawsuits were filed on behalf of the George W. Bush DOJ civil rights divisions, of which the current DOJ has done nothing. This DOJ understands that without cheating, Democrats will be out of office.

In the NBC2 video below, you will hear a Florida supervisor saying that officials are forbidden from asking about citizenship until and unless they receive a ‘tip’ that an illegal is voting. Perhaps this recent ruling in Kansas and Arizona will reach Florida. It appears purging the voter rolls hasn’t worked well in the Sunshine State.

UPDATE 9:47 p.m. CDT: The Lonely Conservative cites a new poll on requiring proof of citizenship to vote. Can you guess the percentage? Read it here.

NBC2 Florida – Two month investigation into illegals voting (Mid-2012)(video)
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