Tulsa 9.12 – The Oklahoma Liberty Tour: Biblical Principles of Government, Bringing Back Black Robed Regiment

Tulsa’s 9.12 has scheduled a wonderful event for Thursday night, March 13, 2014. The following comes directly from the group’s Facebook page.

Oklahoma State Rep. Pastor Dan Fisher

Oklahoma State Rep. Pastor Dan Fisher

We have been playing political games for too long. It is not “Republican vs. Democrat”. It is Liberty vs. Tyranny. God fearing patriots have been rallying to “take back” Washington for over 30 years, but nothing ever changes. DC keeps getting bigger and more powerful and the voice of “we the people” falls on deaf ears.

Hear 3 great speakers:

Session #1: Pastor Paul Blair
“Liberty and Tyranny: The Biblical Principles of Government”

Session #2 Mark Kreslins
“Our Duty to Engage”

Session #3 Pastor, Author and
OK State Representative Dan Fisher
“Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment”

This is a message for ALL Americans. Invite your pastors, friends, co-workers, etc. This is one event you don’t want to miss!!

Where: SpiritLife Church, Tulsa Campus
5345 South Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74105-6819

If you are not familiar with The Black Robed Regiment, here is some information from The Tulsa 9.12 webpage:

Although many have never heard of them, they were the most outspoken proponents of truth and liberty in 18th century America. Although many have never read of their acts of valor, they bravely led their men onto the battlefield to face the cold steel of the dreaded British Redcoats. Even though their role in the birth of America has been largely forgotten, they were key leaders in the cause for American liberty and independence. Hated by the British who called them the “Black Robed Regiment,” these courageous men “laid it all on the alter” for freedom.
Without their bold stand and brave deeds, America may never have come to be.

In “Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment” presentation, Dan in full period costume, tells the inspiring story of the “patriot preachers” of America’s War for Independence. Through a moving multimedia presentation, Dan brings to life their forgotten history and tells of their courageous stand for liberty and truth. He makes the convincing argument that, without a resurgence of biblical patriotism in the pulpit, America cannot survive much longer. Dan, like the Black Robed Regiment of ’76, believes it is high time for America’s Christian leaders to speak loudly, act boldly and Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment.

Find in-depth information here about the speakers and the sessions, including seven points, including commentary:

1. Remember that the Declaration of Independence was our birth certificate.

2. Realize that the Constitution is not an agreement between the government and the states.

3. We are not supposed to be ruled by a dictatorship in D.C.

4. If the Federal Government acts outside of its defined and limited powers…

5. Primaries are the battle.

6. Just like when Nehemiah led in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days…

7. With your network in place…

Thanks to Matt Vermillion at TheOkieBlaze, a great site for Oklahoma news.

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