TSA Tub Stackers From DHS at Portland St. Pat’s Day Parade – Hint: No ‘Transportation’ Involved in Street Parade

Apparently city police defer to Homeland Security to assure the safety (or something) of city streets for a holiday parade. The TSA, otherwise unaffectionately known as “tub-stackers,” were out in some unknown numbers on Portland, Maine streets on St. Paddy’s Day.


For years, the TSA has been slithering its way out from behind airport wait lines and on to the streets of America, using manufactured crisis and the threat of terrorism as pretexts to gradually invade the lives of innocent people and wither away any remaining vestiges of a free society.

The TSA has already rolled out on to highwaystrain stations, and public buses around the country, but they have also made the audacious jump out of transportation and on to things like conducting security for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign speaking events, despite these events having nothing to do with “transportation” whatsoever.

In an equally puzzling move, the TSA also made its way out of the U.S. entirely, flying overseas to conduct security at London’s Heathrow airport in anticipation of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The TSA’s stated goal is to keep terrorists at bay, but with the push to police parades and even the Super Bowl, not to mention a fleet of agents still eager to stick their hands down people’s pants, the menacing agency pushes us ever-closer to a full-fledged military occupation and police state, and begins to resemble the very terrorists it purports to defend us from.

A constant TSA police presence serves not only to overwhelm citizens, but provides the muscle to maintain faux control over situations. It also indoctrinates us as a society to accept this form of overboard policing as normal and conditions citizens to expect guilty until proven innocent treatment wherever traveled.  Source: InfoWars

We have believed, or rather been told, that TSA has no policing powers, no powers to arrest, and cannot carry weapons, while wearing their power-mongering uniforms complete with large police-like badges, but one “former” college student, Nicholas George, was arrested by TSA and lost his bid to sue:

Nicholas George alleged that the TSA agents violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights when they arrested him as he tried to board a flight from his Philadelphia home to Pomona College in 2009.

According to Chief Judge Theodore McKee’s ruling, despite the fact that George clearly had the right to carry the flashcards, the TSA agents were “at the outer boundary” of justifiability in detaining him. In addition to everyday words and phrases like “day before yesterday,” “fat,” “cheap,” and “pink,” the deck of flashcards also contained and phrases like “bomb,” “terrorist,” “explosion,” and “to target.” Source: Raw Story

Good reason to be detained, in my opinion, but NO REASON to break the law and assume powers legally not assumable. Surely there was a police or sheriff presence somewhere nearby, and if not, why not?

The Transportation Safety Union president wants his officers armed with the ability to arrest. Of course he does. Obama wants a civilian army, just as well funded, just as well armed as our military. Convenient to have an ‘army’ headed by a Union President.

TSA on Portland, Maine Streets for Portland, Maine St. Patrick’s Day Parade (video)
Linked at Grumpy Opinions – read about the Chamber of Commerce using teachers to sell Common Core. 

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  • I guess since the IRS is looked upon as Gestapo headquarters, the TSA could involve into the American SS. Meanwhile, while citizens are being harassed “elite” force, Islamic Jihad training camps continue to operate in the US and Obama administration hires more operatives who have the background of Hasan, now facing the death penalty for murdering fellow soldiers at Fort Hood and members of their families – declared by Holder and Obama as “workplace violence”. When presented with clear evidence of BH Obama’s association (which would have caused failure for a security clearance, much less election as president), the Democratic-Socialist Party declared that association means nothing in judging character. You know, like when a president commits adultery in the Oval Office during working hours (work-place sexual harassment) and then commits perjury when confronted with his guilt – the Democratic-Socialists claim that it is the personal affair and does not comply with the same workplace ethics expected of everyone else under the laws their political club pushed for. And amidst this dog-and-pony show, the judiciary treats criminals better than the victims and the draconian “hate-crime” law is only prosecuted on one side of the racial street.
    The TSA “MO” fits the profile of progressive federal government perfectly, but, of course, profiling is forbidden because it is racist; unless one is the mouthpiece of the progressive government known as the media, which was once the “press” and the eyes, ears, and voice of the People, now just a pawn in the great progressive chess game that is strictly the voice of progressive socialist tyranny infiltrated into our government and the fabric of our society.
    Other than that, I guess the St. Patrick’s Day parade must have went well. 🙂

  • Guest

    The TSA patroled the N.Y. St Patricks day parade. They also worked the superbowl patrolling with nuclear weapon detections. Wonder if they are trained to do any of this.

    • Fixall

      I wonder the same thing,but have the feeling that they are not trained for this nor they shouldn’t be.

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