The Rumor: Freescale Employees on MH370 Owned Patents Inherited by Jacob Rothschild. Probably Not

There are numerous stories around the blogosphere that four sole semi-conductor patent-holders, all employed by Freescale Semiconductors (Texas-based) died or have disappeared with Malaysia Flight MH370, and that Jacob Rothschild is now the sole owner and automatically inherits an important patent. “Rumor” web postings list four supposed-Freescale passenger names, said to be the patent holders. None of those names are found on the Malaysia Air’s website passenger manifest. Snopes has posted a link to the actual patent, and if that link is the patent, the names on the patent do not match the “rumored” names (see below) and none of the names showing on the patent, are on the passenger manifest. Rumors also are associating work in “electronic warfare” and “military radar” to be industries Freescale is involved in, and, indeed, they are. A Linked-In job position looking for a “RF [Radio Frequency] Military Systems Engineer in Tempe, Arizona was posted “131 days ago.”

Malaysia Airlines 777

Malaysia Airlines 777

RF is looking for a Systems Engineer to take the lead role in assessing and understanding Defense Electronics customers’ systems and requirements and guiding Freescale’s product R&D teams to develop products and enablement collateral to meet customer needs.

Desired Skills and Experience (snippet):

● Minimum 8 years experience in the RF potions of Military/Defense electronic systems, with greatest weight given to Radar (land, ship, airborne, pulsed, phased array, etc). ● Experience in Electronic Warfare and/or military communications systems are highly desirable.


A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries including defence, released the powerful new products to the American market on March 3.

Five days later, Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 working for Freescale.

There are rumors that MH370’s skin may have been invisible to radar, ya da, ya da.

A number of years ago the Blackstone Group purchased Freescale. Lord Jacob Rothschild is identified on Blackstone’s webpage as a “Member,” “International Advisory Board.”

There are four Asian-sounding names said to be the passengers holding the patents. I won’t print them here because they do not appear on the MH370 passenger manifest, found on Malaysian Air’s website. View it here.

According to Snopes, the patent can be viewed here. 

It is identified as “United States Patent Ramaraju, et al. Titled: Hierarchical error correction for large memories The inventors are Ravindraraj Ramaraju of Round Rock, TX US, Edmund J. Gieske of Cedar Park, TX US, David F. Greenberg of Austin, TX US. The Assignee: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (Austin, TX) Application No.: 13/045,307, Filed: March 10, 2011.

None of the above names are on the Malaysia MH370 passenger list, and again, none of the names in the “rumor” stories match names on MH370s passenger list, although stories blatantly claim they do. Clearly, 20 on board did work for Freescale, but none seemingly, have anything to do with the patent. Now, it is possible that the patent linked by Snopes is NOT the pertinent patent, but it seems unlikely that “engineers” and other “experts” would hold patents that the “most senior executives” of Freescale did not hold.

UPDATE 3:27 p.m. 3/24/14: There is another Freescale patent, with another patent number, that attributes the rumored names to the patent in question, but again, the names in this patent are not on the passenger manifest. The patent is titled “System for Optimizing Number of Dies Produced on a Wafer.”

Freescale issued a statement on March 8, 2014:

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mar. 8, 2014– Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) has confirmed that 20 of its employees were confirmed passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Twelve are from Malaysia and eight are from China. The entire Freescale Semiconductor community is deeply saddened by this news. The company is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide more information as it becomes available.

CBS News reports the loss of Freescale employees, 12 of whom were from Malaysia, and eight of whom were from China.” So that totals the 20 lost. CBS said nothing about Jacob Rothschild. Reuters, March 9, 2014, quotes Mitch Haws, vice president, global communications and investor relations of Freescale:

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said. “It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

International Business Times (IBT) also looked at the Freescale patent story from “conspiracy theorists” and concluded that all sources were anonymous and they also link to Before It’s News.

Reuters said the Freescale employees were “mostly engineers and other experts” but then says:

None of Austin, Texas-based Freescale’s most senior executives were on board the Boeing Co 777-200ER airliner that vanished from radar screens about an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on Saturday.

One more possible conundrum is the report of people in the Maldives saying they they saw a very low-flying “jumbo jet” flying over them on the morning of March 8, 2014 at about 6:15 a.m. their time. These reports were dismissed because it would have been too dark to for people to see the aircraft, but — sunrise that day was at 6:15 a.m.

Then there are reports that a Boeing 737 landed in New Guinea a year ago, undetected by radar and unexpected by Jacksons International Airport (Port Moresby) in Papua New Guinea. That flight is believed to be connected to drug cartels. I find that a 777 needs a 5,000 ft. runway. Jacksons has a new 9,000 ft. runway. Does it have a hangar to hide a 777? Don’t know. Take a look at this photo showing the difference in size between a 737 and a 777.

In any event, today debris has found in the south Indian Ocean, described bearing colors of green or gray and orange. Photos show Malaysia Air’s colors are red and blue (or maybe orange) and we don’t know what was inside the plane.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced that the flight went down in those remote roiling seas and all aboard died. He said new NEVER BEFORE USED satellite data confirmed that the plane is lost, but did not offer details. Trace Gallagher on Fox News just said that the technology tracks how close the plane’s “pings” were to the satellite, and found that the aircraft could not have gone north, and that the data shows that other airline routes match these findings exactly (all paraphrased until I find the statement.

Trusting the Malaysian government, which seems to very much to want to get this story off the headlines, is like trusting Union members to enter your private business with a government safety inspector to make a determination about your penalty, whether you deserve one, or not.

Remember that the Captain, Zaharie Shah, was reportedly, a political opponent of the Prime Minister. That could also be a rumor.

Having said all that, if the passengers are never coming back, we must find the plane and we must know if terrorism is involved. Thanks to Facebook friend Christine Dennis urging me to dig deeper.

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  • KatieNorcross

    I was wondering when this disaster would be blamed on the Jews. It took them only 2 weeks.

    • I hadn’t thought about that. Actually, it was only a day or two when this first came out but the passenger manifest wasn’t out. It took a lot of time to run everything down.

    • Lisa Stark

      Nobody has blamed Jews. Rothschild Zionists have been suggested perps but Jews and Rothschild Zionists are definitely not the same. Mossad is not the Israeli Secret Pollice. They are the secret police of the Rothschild Zionists. I recently saw a photo of Ahmedinijad having a good ol’ time with some orthodox Rabbi (Jews).

  • Nan

    The pertinent information on the patent is the assignee; while the inventors are named, they did the work as part of the job they were hired to do by the company. As such, the patent is a work made for hire and the property of their employer, the named assignee on the patent.

    • Hi Nan, I sort of expected that the inventors might not have much financial gain, but didn’t know for certain. All I did know is that the names that were rumored were not on the flight. Rothschild is involved with Freescale through Blackstone, but I have no idea what right he would have to the patent.

      I looked back through 35 Freescale patent applications looking for names to match the manifest and there were none.

  • Justanothergoldbug

    The “snopes” patent is wrong and irrelevant. It links to “Reeves et all” NOT “Ramaraju et. all” . Just a red herring IMO.

    The second patent as seen on other sites like etc., is critical as it coversr “die targeting on a wafer” which is indeed related to semi conductors: The patent was indeed approved on 11th March 2014.

    Add in the coincidence of the Rothschilds, Carlysle group, military technology and a completely bungled (deliberately?) search for the missing plane and there is more than enough circumstantial evidence for me to remain highly suspicious.

    I checked the passenger manifest from MAL website. The link is legitimate and the Chinese names on the patent (along with Freescale) do not appear on the manifest although the manifest could have been purposefully changed. Not sure how easy this would be to achieve but this would be my next point of investigation: ARE THESE PEOPLE ON THE PATENT STILL ALIVE?

    • Justanothergoldbug, I stated that the names and the specific patent did not match. I think I was clear about that, but it is a completely different thing to say Malaysia changed the passenger list. I won’t say they could not, as some of the Freescale employees were Malaysian (I think 3 but I’d have to look at it again).

      The names on the “wafer” patent are Chinese Nationals so I find no way to check whether they are alive.

      • Justanothergoldbug

        Agree. Too hard for me to check also. There are 1.4 bn in China… and a lot of them have the same name anyway : )
        Still, if they are alive, I am sure we will hear from or about them (or Freescale) soon enough. I would be more suspicious if they didn’t step up to claim their existence.
        I appreciate your efforts nonetheless.

  • cakemix1220

    Did a little research on the Malaysian Flight 370, this is what I found…

    20 senior employees that worked for Freescale semiconductor were on
    that flight…of the 20, were 4 of 5 patent holders of a newly designed
    micro-chip (all 5 went in 20 percent a piece)…The 4 are presumably
    dead…and where might the 5th guy be, you may ask? Well, the 5th is the
    company itself- freescale, which is owned by
    the blackstone group, which is owed by The Rothchilds…the patent was
    submitted (kinda weird) Dec. 21, 2012, link will be in comments to
    verify that…But the point is, almost a year and a half later, the
    patent finally gets pushed through A FEW DAYS AFTER THE FLIGHT
    DISAPPEARS!! Since the patent wasn’t approved while the other 4 patent
    holders were alive, their heirs cannot legally receive their share of
    the profit…So 100% profit from this chip goes to the only one
    left…Yes that’s correct, The Rothschilds…Maybe just a crazy

    ..doubt it

    and BTW this chip will be used for many things..
    1. Battlefield communication
    2. Avionics
    3. HF Radar – Band L- and S-
    4. Missile Guidance
    5. Electronic Warfare
    6. Identification, friend or foe (IFF)

    Seems very profitable for The Rothschilds…I do say, good show

    • Justanothergoldbug

      Thx. I understand this argument. I would very much like to see your research that “of the 20, were 4 of 5 patent holders…”. For me, all I need is proof that those four patent holders were actually on the plane and/or are indeed dead. The 4 patent names were not on the “official” passenger manifest released by MAL.