Svoboda Party Nazism in Ukraine Supported by John McCain & U.S.? Jews Advised to Leave

In December 2013 Senator John McCain met in Kiev with the now-Prime-Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the Batkivshchnya Party, and Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the Svoboda (Freedom) Party. Svoboda is reportedly the fourth largest political party in the coalition government which has now joined with Batkivshchnya. Svoboda is widely considered to be ultra-nationalist with more than a tad of Neo-Nazi-Skinhead-leanings. Take a look at Tyahnybok giving the ‘heil’ salute on the occasion of his re-election as Svoboda leader. This is the man McCain met with, whose party is said to be supported by the U.S. and the E.U. In the meantime, Ukranian Jewish leaders are warning Jews, some 300,000 mostly living in Kiev, to get out of the city, and the country, if possible.

Oley Tyahnybok, Leader of Ukraine Svoboda Party

Oley Tyahnybok, Leader of Ukraine Svoboda Party (Photo Credit/REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Fair to say, Tyahnybok just might be anti-Semitic.

Reuters identifies the following photo as:

Activists of the Svoboda (Freedom) Ukrainian nationalist party shout slogans as they take part in a rally marking the 71st anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought both Nazi and Soviet forces in World War Two, and the feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in central Kiev, October 14, 2013. (REUTERS/ Gleb Garanich) Source: Russia Today

Gates of Vienna, December 23, 2013:

Western media started writing about the skeletons rattling in the closet of Ukraine’s “democratic opposition” mainly in the last couple of days, after Senator John McCain took his usual traveling Neocon circus to the Ukraine and was photographed with some individuals of questionable connections. …

“Do you know what is the “right wing” of the “Euro-Square” in Kiev?” — asks “Polish Ukraine” activist Wiesław Tokarczuk (name is Polish, surname Ukrainian) in a December 9 article in, entitled “Racism and anti-Semitism in the Kiev Pro-European Union Demonstration Square”. “I have not heard anything in the Polish media about that, but there are troglodyte weirdos there from hell — from the world of Hitler, [Ukrainian fascist leader] Bandera, and Mussolini.”

Svoboda Party with Stephan Bandera Poster

Svoboda Party with Stephan Bandera Poster (October 14, 2013

In the photo above, you see a poster of Stepan Bandera, the Ukranian WWII leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). He is seen by some as a martyred freedom fighter, whom the Soviets assassinated, and by others as a WWII Nazi collaborator. Ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yuschenko recently honored Bandera as a “Hero of Ukraine” to the outrage of the European Parliament, Russia, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

In a letter to Oleh Shamshur, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States, Mark Weitzman, the Wiesenthal Center’s Director of Government Affairs, expressed “deepest revulsion at the recent honor awarded to Stepan Bandera, who collaborated with the Nazis in the early stages of World War II, and whose followers were linked to the murders of thousands of Jews and others. It is surely a travesty when such an honor is granted right at the period when the world pauses to remember the victims of the Holocaust on January 27.” Read more.

Russia Today has a column quoting a journalist-photographer saying Oleh Tyahnybok, a “neo-Nazi,” is a man ready to seize power from whomever is in power and has both the intelligence and charisma to make it happen.

With growing popularity of neo-Nazi Oleg Tyahnybok, leader of the Ukrainian far-right Svoboda party, Ukraine is falling into an extremely dangerous situation, journalist and blogger Graham Phillips told RT.

“We are looking at a tinder box which might go up and we are looking at a man [Tyahnybok] who’s standing there and waiting for that to happen,” Phillips said, describing the current situation in Ukraine…

“Tyahnybok is waiting for the other leaders to knock themselves out and then he’s going to step over them to seize control. It’s a very big likelihood. He is just staying behind, observing the situation and he’s quite prepared to let his enemies rip out each other’s throats. He’s in a very powerful position and has a dominating role in Ukrainian politics. He’s taking a back seat but he is waiting and playing a waiting game, waiting for the right time to make his move. Believe me, he has something up his sleeve, and this is something intrinsic in terms of the future of Ukraine,” he said.  Source: Russia Today, December 19, 2013

Svoboda is one of four major parties of the coalition Ukrainian government. As with all things concerning the history of these countries which have been lead by many, and split and spliced together in new designs for centuries, the Ukraine is complicated and I am not capable of finding all the links or chinks in the Ukraine-Russia chain, but I see numerous sites reporting that the U.S. and the EU support Svoboda, which this site says has now coalesced with other parties, creating a dangerous mix, and this mix, which includes Arseniy Yatsenyuk, controls the Armed Forces, National security, Justice and Education. I’ve also read that Svoboda ‘kicked the Nazis out of the party,’ but again, take a look at the party leader’s ‘heil’ salute.

A photo breaking today (see below) around the InterTubes shows alleged Ukranian nationalists wearing t-shirts saying “Beat the Yids,” “Yids” being a hostile term for Jews.

 "Beat the Yids" T-Shirt allegedly worn by Ukranian Nationalists

“Beat the Yids” T-Shirt allegedly worn by Ukranian Nationalists

Notice the flag in the above photo:

Tokarczuk relays that Web-posted photographs show Eurosquare’s protesters with the Wolf’s Claw emblem: the contemporary equivalent of the swastika. “They are members of the paramilitary organization “Ukrainian Patriot” and of the nationalist Svoboda [“Freedom”] Party. They are waving flags of the fascist troops of UPA and OUN, symbols of a sick ideology and of genocide.” He relays that none of the leaders or prominent foreign supporters of the pro-European Union demonstrations have distanced themselves from their strong Nazizoid element. Source: Gates of Vienna


Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Moshe Reuben Asman, has warned the Jews in Ukraine, mostly residing in the Kiev area, to get out of the city, and out of Ukraine, if possible:

“I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state…there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Asman said, adding, “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”

Many members of Kiev’s Jewish community live within walking distance of the main square in the city that has recently become the focus of anti-government riots.  In recent days, chaos has gripped the area following the escalation of violence between government security forces and members of the opposition, with institutions around the city closing and subways no longer operating.

While Chief Rabbi Asman has been forced to close down the city’s Jewish schools, he continues to conduct three prayer services daily in his synagogue.  “The situation here is dire,” said Yossi Asman, a Chabad yeshiva student and son of the chief rabbi. “We have been gathering up families and shuttling them out to safer neighborhoods.”

Yesterday a synagogue in eastern Ukraine sustained damage from firebombs hurled at it. The firebombs hit the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, located 250 miles southeast of Kiev.

Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization responsible for Ukraine’s Jews, said the city’s dwindling food supply has provoked a state of panic among Kiev’s inhabitants.  “We have appealed to [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to please help us protect our community,” Dolinsky added.

Ukraine has a Jewish population of 360,000 – 400,000 people, with roughly a quarter of all the country’s Jews residing in Kiev, according to the European Jewish Congress. Read more here.

John McCain (center), Oleh Tyahnybo, Svoboda Party, (far right)

John McCain (center), Oleh Tyahnybo, Svoboda Party, (far right)

Above is Senator John McCain (R-AZ) standing with Oleh Tyahnybok, and you have to wonder if he has a clue what he is doing. He didn’t, and still does not today, as he stood with and supported the under-funded Free Syrian Army, led by now deposed General Salim Idriss. At the time McCain and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) met with Idriss, who has said publicly that Israel is his enemy, there was the real fear that his leadership was leaving a vacuum for al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda-connected networks to be welcomed-in with cash and manpower.

Linked at Iowa Dawg’s Blawg, read the Inevitablility of ObamaCare here.

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  • KatieNorcross

    I have it on good authority (Israeli) that the State of Israel is gearing up to rescue the Ukrainian Jews. Anti-Semitic attacks have increased and Jews are advised not to bring attention to themselves.

    The world has reverted to Czechoslovakia. Are we witnessing the repeat of the Sudetenland?

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  • Geo

    Another situation where McLame has squarely landed on the wrong side again? I’m sh o-o cked ! Funny how his hemorrhoid little buddy Lindsey Goober has taken such a low profile during most of this. Could it be because he is running for re-election? Maybe?

    • Geo, it is stunning, isn’t it, that he can make such bad choices. If you say I’m a freedom fighter, he always sees them as the good guys. Some, of course, are, but the leader of Svoboda…I don’t think so. Yes Graham is very quiet. I don’t think even the best conservative will beat him there. All of the establishment have an War Chest behind them coming from the Senate.

  • nbamron

    I think Tokarchuk is actually a Ukrainian name as in the town of Kravenchuk or the ex President of Ukraine, Kravchuk — but of course having a Ukrainian last name and identifying as Polish is very common and vice versa too.

  • I have to say TY for posting this.
    I also have to say that Ukraine has been the most important subject I, myself have posted on since Nov 2013.

    I am drained. I have been attacked NON stop by conservatives in name only who are only interested in hating Putin. Its not that I ‘love’ Putin but he is not the bad guy in this.

    I posted about McCain back in Dec, Nuland in early February.

    I showed many links that the US was involved.

    Yet, I am just thought of us nothing, just a POS who writes lousy.
    I put my heart and soul into my country to avert a WW3 and people attacked me non stop. Told me I was pushing “Russian propaganda”

    The dude with the Nazi salute is from the Svoboda party which is neo nazi in nature. I believe they have 39-42 members in the Ukr parliament. This, of course is dangerous to Jews, but it is dangerous to ANYONE not pure blooded Ukrainain.

    The interim leader may not be WITH Svoboda but he hangs with them like peas and carrots.

    The biggest issue here is US INVOLVEMENT and its denial OF that.

    Russia has a right to protect its population of 60% Russians in the Crimea.. He has to protect them from a EU/US lead coup d’etat.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, but I get tired of the constant dissing of our humble blog just trying to tell the truth

    • Geo

      The Mad Jewess, I am sure this is a very complicated and complex problem over in the Ukraine. I’ll also admit that I’m not well versed in the situation as I may be in others. I would also admit that given “our” present lack of leadership also adds to the worlds instability and is causing us a lot of trouble both here domestically and internationally. But having said that, you’re gonna have to explain how this became a “U.S. led coup d’etat. Did I miss something? Somewhere?

      I have no doubt of the probability of a neo nazi, skin head influence over there and the jeopardy that any Jewish nationals might be facing because of the instability. But we supported and promoted a coup?

      Perhaps you are suggesting that our influence in disarming the Ukraine during the Clinton administration and them later reaffirmed again in 2009 by obama greatly attributed to the current situation. If that is what you are suggesting I would agree but there are many other contributing factors that must be added into that.

      You are way off base in suggesting that Putin has the right to invade a sovereign Country or State merely because most of their citizens identify as Russians or that the territory was apart of Russia at one time. Who he have to authority to invade Brighton Beach Brooklyn, because of the Russian nationals there? To protect both his and their interest? That’s absurd and ridiculous on it’s face. He or anybody else doesn’t have that right.

      Putin also doesn’t have the authority to intercede because his guy got overthrown {IMO} legally by the Parliament of the Ukraine. I realize there is a huge difference between the territorial and geographical areas there and how they identify nationally. It still doesn’t give Putin the right to intercede in it.

      However it is sliced and diced I don’t see any evidence that we the U.S. was involved in a coup and incited this situation. With everything else on their plate, these idiots {obama and kerry} is the last thing they needed to blow up in their face. They can’t handle the shit they have now, internationally or domestically and are way to busy trying to destroy our Country right now.

      We were very foolish in convincing the Ukraine to disarm. All the parties involved on our behalf were idiots if they thought it would’ve kept Russia eventually come knocking down the door by giving up their defenses. Other former satellite Countries in the area certainly can’t be very comfortable right now.

      As I see it that is a far cry from a U.S. supported coup d’etat that we promoted or sought. I would be very interested in hearing if I’ve missed something here.

  • pa

    Do you remember Once upon a Honeymoon, the 1942 movie starring Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, and Walter Slezak? This comedy-drama was set in pre-WWII Europe, with Ginger and husband Walter making a grand tour of numerous countries on the Continent. Ginger (American to the core) finally realizes that wherever her new husband goes, the Nazis quickly follow. Country after country falls to German invasion. She teams with reporter Cary to bust Walter up but good, in great old-fashioned American style.

    I can’t help noticing a certain parallel with John McCain. Of late, wherever he goes, anti-American parties seem to flourish. I find it hard to believe that he could be duped repeatedly, but I am horrified by the thought that he could be deliberately siding with the very people who oppose us the most. Surely an innocent party would have cottoned on by now. His repeat performances imply a knowing complicity.

    • pa, missed your interesting comment. My apologies. I did not see the movie, but will try to find it. I am mystified about McCain. I can only believe that he needs attention and has no other way to get it as any legislation he is involved with is hated. Maybe he considers himself the expert on military action, when it’s needed and when it is not. He gets more photo ops in these tumultuous places than he gets in the U.S.

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