Sharia Compliant Wills Hit Britain for 1st Time: You Think It Can’t Happen Here?

For all we hear about the Islamization of Britain, a ‘first’ has just occurred. Let us hope that Nicholas Fluck, the president of The Law Society, becomes tolerable only to his Muslim clients. In the end, even if he’s a convert, he can’t be Muslim enough. He should be tarred and feathered.

Sharia Compliant Wills for Britain

Sharia Compliant Wills for Britain

Under ground-breaking guidance, produced by The Law Society, High Street solicitors will be able to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude unbelievers altogether.

The documents, which would be recognised by Britain’s courts, will also prevent children born out of wedlock – and even those who have been adopted – from being counted as legitimate heirs.

Anyone married in a church, or in a civil ceremony, could be excluded from succession under Sharia principles, which recognise only Muslim weddings for inheritance purposes.

Nicholas Fluck, president of The Law Society, said the guidance would promote “good practice” in applying Islamic principles in the British legal system.

So, attorney Fluck likes it but others are dismayed:

Baroness Cox, a cross-bench peer leading a Parliamentary campaign to protect women from religiously sanctioned discrimination, including from unofficial Sharia courts in Britain, said it was a “deeply disturbing” development and pledged to raise it with ministers.

“This violates everything that we stand for,” she said. “It would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves.”

The guidance, quietly published this month and distributed to solicitors in England and Wales, details how wills should be drafted to fit Islamic traditions while being valid under British law. There’s more. Read it here.

The immigration of Muslims into the U.S. remains at about an average 100,000 per year, but there is a difference, with more now coming from more dangerous areas of the Muslim world:

A new report shows a significant rise in Muslim immigration to the US. The Pew Forum has analyzed the results and found that over the past 20 years, around one million immigrants have been granted permanent residency status every year. Sometimes they are able to obtain this status because they are family members of other residents, while other times they get work visas, are refugees and asylum seekers, or they have won a visa lottery. But as the report shows, where they are coming from is changing. Whereas before, there were more arriving from Europe and other parts of North America as well as South America, now those numbers are decreasing while those from Asia, Africa and the Middle East are increasing. Surprise, surprise.

What this means is that while there are still many Christians immigrating to the US (though less than before), the number of Muslims is increasing steadily. In 1992, 68% of the new legal permanent residents were Christians, while this number has dropped to only 61% ten years later. Meanwhile, during the same time frame, Muslims comprised 5% of the new legal permanent residents before and have increased to twice as many, 10%, a decade later.  Source: Creeping Sharia, July 2013

According to the CIA World Factbook, the U.S. Muslim population is 0.6%, and the UK 4.4% Muslim.

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