Scathing WAPO Indictment of Obama: Rarely Has US Prez Been Dismissed so Quickly, Comprehensively – Calls Him a Community Organizer

The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson says, referencing Obama’s absent leadership around the world, but specifically in Ukraine, “rarely has a threat from a U.S. president been dismissed as quickly — and comprehensively –…” as Obama’s Friday night warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That’s not all, he refers to Obama as a “former Community Organizer” and Putin as a “former Cold Warrior.” Chickens are roosting at home.

Photo Courtesy Doug Ross @ Journal.

Photo Courtesy Doug Ross @ Journal.

Now Ukraine has emerged as a test of Obama’s argument that, far from weakening American power, he has enhanced it through smarter diplomacy, stronger alliances and a realism untainted by the ideology that guided his predecessor.

It will be a hard argument for him to make, analysts say….

Rarely has a threat from a U.S. president been dismissed as quickly — and comprehensively — as Obama’s warning Friday night to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. The former community organizer and the former Cold Warrior share the barest of common interests, and their relationship has been defined far more by the vastly different ways they see everything from gay rights to history’s legacy. Read more.


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  • Rebecca

    Well the article has it half right. America is being worn down by Obama and his policies, including overseas wars unlike any before, where we help our enemies. A community organizer is a communist working at the local level to get the neighborhood people to like communism and rise up against the establishment. Not a threat to overseas communists, even if they differ on homo-sex. Marx was for homo-sex, Engels and Lenin were not. E. & L. were only for unwed-motherhood. The love child.

  • ndb

    That is what happens when you leave a Soros meat puppet out in the sun too long. The US is the laughingstock of the planet because of the likes of Barry and that moron Kerry. And those that but Barry in office, still don’t get it.