Sarah Palin Endorses T. W. Shannon For Tom Coburn’s Oklahoma Senate Seat: Shannon ‘More of What’s Needed’

Just as U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s (R-OK) candidacy invigorated Oklahoma voters who wanted to move on from ‘more of the same’ to ‘more of what’s needed,’ Sarah Palin’s endorsement of T. W. Shannon for the Oklahoma U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Senator Tom Coburn, gives me great hope that Congressman James Lankford will not move to the Senate. Lankford represents ‘more of the same,’ including more of the same support from the GOP establishment, otherwise known as The Beltway Boys.

T. W. Shannon, Devon Shannon

T. W. Shannon, Devon Shannon

Here is Sarah’s endorsement:

Tom Coburn leaves large conservative shoes to fill as he retires from the U.S. Senate. At 6’5 feet tall, T.W. Shannon is just the leader to fill them. T.W. is the underdog in his race, but that’s not a position he’s unfamiliar with. He’s had to beat the odds all of his life. He became the first Republican to ever win his district’s seat in the Oklahoma state legislature even though the naysayers said it couldn’t be done. When he sought to be Speaker of the House, the naysayers said he was too young and too conservative to win. But his colleagues chose him anyway, and he became the youngest Speaker in Oklahoma history!

T.W.’s opponent has the backing of Beltway insiders, but T.W. has the passion and experience We the People need in Washington. As the former Speaker he can stand proud on his record of fighting for conservative legislation that directly benefited the lives of Oklahomans by lowering taxes, cutting government waste, and breaking the cycle of poverty by encouraging entrepreneurial self-reliance as the proven path to prosperity. T.W. understands that we need real leaders with vision and a steel spine to get things done. As he told me: “We are suffering from a lack of conservative vision. I believe we desperately need leaders with deep convictions who will fight—and win—the battles for conservative policies.”

We can also rest assured that T.W. will bring to D.C. the integrity and moral compass he acquired growing up attending Bethlehem Baptist Church and teaching Sunday School. T.W. Shannon is exactly the kind of dynamic young conservative leader we need in Washington!

To learn more about T.W. Shannon and lend him your support, please visit his website at

– Sarah Palin

Tahronhon Wayne (T.W.) Shannon is 36 years old. He is the first black speaker of the Oklahoma House and the youngest Speaker ever for the state. In his first term he served as deputy majority whip and chair of the Transportation Committee in his second term. Shannon represents Oklahoma’s 62nd district which includes his hometown of Lawton, the home of the U.S. Army’s Ft. Sill. He was elected to the Oklahoma State House of Representative in 2007. He has served as Speaker of the House for the last year and stepped-down from that position in February 2014 to devote time to his U.S. Senate race. He is a ‘card-carrying’ member of the Chickasaw Nation, and worked for former Congressman J. C. Watts (R-OK) and current U.S. Congressman Tom Cole (R).  Speaker Shannon and his wife, Devon, have a daughter, Audrey Grace and son, T.W. II.

T. W. Shannon and Family

T. W. Shannon and Family

T.W. has been a champion for the state’s natural gas industry, reducing the tax on compressed natural gas, a plentiful Oklahoma resource. He again made a mark recently by pushing to liquidate excess state-owned property. He earned high praise and editorial support from both of the state’s two major newspapers. In the process, the trailblazing conservative uncovered that bureaucrats were grossly under-reporting the number of state-owned assets. T.W. also crafted an eight-year plan to rebuild Oklahoma’s structurally deficient bridges.

GOPAC, an organization whose mission it is to support up-and-coming Republican leaders, recently added this proud Oklahoman to its national advisory board. Source: CPAC 2013

At CPAC 2014 Shannon highlighted his focus on debt and spending and said he would “work with anybody who’s willing to help…” reduce the debt and spending mess.

Speaking at The New York Meeting, Shannon, arguably the most conservative Speaker in the state’s history, said he was frustrated that Americans have been sending too many managers to D.C. who want to “manage the decay better than the next guy” when they should be sending leaders who would stand up against President Barack Obama and Democrats and say, “No, we’re not going to do more spending. We’re not going to do more debt.”

“Don’t tell us how conservative you are, show us,” Shannon said.

He added that there are too many people “who have completely given up on America and the American dream” and have resolved that America “be another embassy of the Chinese government.”

Shannon said the $17.5 trillion debt the country faces is a “moral crisis and national security issue.” After seeing Russia’s aggression in Crimea and Ukraine, Shannon stressed that Americans were rightfully concerned about the country’s ability to mobilize quickly in case of an international conflict because the country has “disarmed our American military” to pay down the debt.

He said he believed “our country is on the verge of an economic explosion” and that “conservative principles lead to prosperity.”

The New York Meeting is a monthly event run by Mallory Factor and O’Brien Murray. Panelists included James Taranto, Peggy Noonan, and Sirius XM radio host and Breitbart contributor David Webb. Source: Breitbart

In May 2013, Speaker Shannon said he would consider bringing the repeal of Oklahoma’s Common Core forward after blocking the effort in early 2013, then changing his mind by May 2013, saying the standards are “a federal intrusion into our education system.”

“A lot of people are becoming very concerned about its ability to open the door for kind of a federal takeover of our education system,” Shannon said last week. “We’ve already seen it in our health care system.” Source: NewsOK

In January 2014, Oklahoma State Senator Eddie Fields (R) filed a bill to repeal Common Core State Standards. Just hours ago, the Oklahoma Senate apparently rejected repeal but said it would “grant a hearing to a repeal measure being considered in the House.”

Frankly, it’s a damn shame it has taken Oklahomans in power, so long to figure it out when many int he state took the time to dig-in and dig-deep, and understood, and still understand today, that Common Core is dangerous territory, designed by people who will take it to the bank, literally — very early retirement on some distant, lush island, their destiny from the profits gained at the expense of the future of our country — our children, our next generation.

With Shannon’s Senate run, he has the chance to speak out forcefully against Common Core and to direct his comments to Governor Mary Fallin, who says Common Core is not federal, just “local educators and districts…” Shannon knows better. The entire Oklahoma delegation should know better, and it’s time to stand-up and speak out to local newspapers, television and radio.

The special election primary for Senator Coburn’s seat will be June 24th, the same day as regular primaries, run-off election on August 26th and general election November 4, 2014.

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