Rush Limbaugh Chat With 777 Pilot: Lots of Foreign Nationals Flying for American Carriers Now

I was reading Rush’s take on the White House pastry chef leaving the job in defense of butter, cream, sugar, milk and eggs from Michelle’s wrath, when I noticed that he had talked to a 777 pilot about MH370. It’s an interesting article that debunks what happens inside a 777 at 45,000 feet, etc., but the end of the conversation really caught my attention. Can you imagine that American carriers now hire foreign nationals to command American owned aircraft, without a single American citizen in the cockpit? Read what the caller suggests:


CALLER:  Well, I’ve talked to the chief pilot of our company and I’ve talked to the FBI about this.  I said I think we have a lot of foreign nationals that are flying for American flag carries now and we need to do background checks, see who they’re calling in Pakistan, see who they’re associated with politically.  I think there’s a lot of danger when you have the cockpit door locked. You might have a jihadi or a person with some kind of suicide mission in his mind.  When I first started flying for the airlines there were no foreign nationals except Canadians flying with us.  It was after the eighties we started hiring a bunch of people from Afghanistan —

RUSH:  You mean on American Airlines?

CALLER:  Or an American carrier.

RUSH:  American carrier.

CALLER:  I think you need to have an American citizen to be a command pilot of an American carrier. Right now they’re not. You don’t need to be an American citizen to be in command of an American carrier.

RUSH:  Obviously not if you can go to flight school and learn how to take one off but not land it. I mean, there’s all kinds of —

CALLER:  I mean, the pilot, you know, in the airline business, I mean just getting hired by an airline.  I think part of the ATP requirement to be a command pilot in the United States should be you have to be a citizen of the United States.

RUSH:  Well, that’d be discriminatory.  That’d be unfair.

CALLER:  Well, it’s also safe.  You have to swear allegiance to the United States, be a citizen —

RUSH:  Oh, no, no, no.

CALLER:  — background checks.

RUSH:  That’s nationalism.  We can’t have that.

CALLER:  Yeah, I know.  (laughing)  I’m an Old Navy vet, so I’m pretty nationalistic.  Sorry.

RUSH:  Well, Captain, I’m glad you called. I’m really glad you got through.

CALLER:  Yeah, I’m amazed I got through.

RUSH:  Yeah, me, too.  There’s a reason why you only get through twice in like 20 years, but you did it, and I’m glad you did, and thank you.

CALLER:  God bless you.

Remember the conversation after MH370 went missing: Malaysia Airlines — they’re a scary air carrier, that’s why they can’t fly into the U.S., oh but wait, Malaysia Airlines does fly into Los Angeles. Oh, wait, no they don’t. Malaysia’s flight (one of them) is operated by Japan Airlines, Kuala Lumpur to Narita, Japan and from Narita, American Airlines flies on to Los Angeles — but we don’t know if foreign nationals are in the cockpit, among the crew, and we don’t know if they’ve had a proper background check, but can bet they probably have not. We do know that Malaysia puts persons with false passports onto their flights, and we now know that most of the world does not bother to use Interpol’s database of stolen passports and other travel documents. Multiply this by all the scary places on earth.

About Michelle’s banning butter, cream, sugar, milk and eggs, who does she think she’s kidding? We’re not blind. Can’t wait for more stories from Chef Bill Yosses. You know they’re coming.

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  • Kado

    This should scare the bejeezes out of anyone who flies.How did this happen and why didn’t we know about it?Or I guess we did know and it never made it to the public. As Rush said in a different session “there is no more investigative reporting.”

    • Kado, it scared me! Tried to find more on it and did find a few things on some pilot forums but couldn’t confirm any of it.

      • Fixall

        Hopefully you will be able to get more info. This is very scary.