Rand Paul: O-Care Costs Paul 4 Times More – Weight, Birth Control Covered, Cancer Not!

Senator Rand Paul was on Hannity last night. He says his ObamaCare health insurance now costs him four times more than he paid for this “old” insurance. Because of that, he would like to qualify for a “hardship exemption,” tongue in cheek, of course, but making a pertinent point. Paul says we must get Obama’s unconstitutional rewriting of “coercive” ObamaCare mandates into court. He believes SCOTUS will rule that Obama’s rewrites and/or delays of congressional law is unconstitutional. No doubt about that, it must get to the Supreme Court, but isn’t that sad commentary? Our Democrat-controlled Senate, where Rule of Law died and hope and change became the hope that we survive this administration’s lawless changes, makes SCOTUS imperative. Senator Paul notes that through ObamaCare you can get weight-control care and birth control, but your cancer cannot be treated at the best cancer hospitals. Slightly off-topic, but important: remember when Senator Paul tried to help his son sign-up for health insurance, and the son was automatically put on Medicaid, without signing up for Medicaid? I wonder how that turned out? Several fact-checking sources tried to prove it a lie, but in the end could not dispute it. Fact-checkers could only tell us what should have happened. In other words, they could not confirm that Paul’s claim was false. Here’s that incredible story:

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

“The other day, I actually tried to get my son signed up through the Kentucky exchange, you know, that the Democrats have said is so good. And I have here my son’s Medicaid card,” Paul said, holding up the card. “We didn’t try to get him Medicaid, I’m trying to pay for his insurance. But they automatically enrolled him in Medicaid. For a month, they wouldn’t talk to us because they said they weren’t sure he existed. He had to go down to the welfare office, prove his existence. Then the next thing we know, we get a Medicaid card.”

Paul went on to claim that “most of the people in Kentucky are automatically being enrolled in Medicaid” and later added that he doesn’t know if he himself is enrolled in Kentucky or Washington.

People being added to Medicaid rolls, without applying to be there, is huge and should not be swept under the rug. Medicaid is single-payer health care — exactly what Obama and Liberals want — Single Payer is the end game. Single Payer is a slam dunk for Progressives. Single Payer is America’s nightmare. It is reasonable to believe the ObamaCare screw-ups are designed to make it impossible to successfully work through an exchange for compliant insurance, with the ‘screw-ups’ being the vehicle to get us onto Single Payer. What easier way to accomplish it than to put you there, whether you want it or not, and really — how long does it take to fight the red tape to get off the Medicaid rolls? In the meantime, the only medical insurance you have is disgustingly lacking in actual ‘care.’

Rand Paul with Sean Hannity: Hardship Exemption (video)

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  • This is only the beginning of our new socialist utopia.

  • Yep. My own insurance went from around $300.00 to around $750.00 this year. The “new and improved” Obamacare insurance only pays 80% of my hospital costs after the huge deductible is met. My old insurance had a lower deductible and paid 100%. Acupuncture, however is now included!

    • So happy for the Acupuncturists. I haven’t found the stats for how many cancers they have cured. You seem to think your prior plan was better. You didn’t get Obama’s memo?

  • pete

    and hey, if ya even have a chance to save up enough money to pay for your deductible , they’ll just put a surtax on that too, because most people can’t pay their deductible anyway

    • pete, so many can’t begin to take care of the deductibles. That’s how they’ll get onto Medicaid (Single Payer). It’s an agenda.

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  • Thad79

    Rand Paul has been caught lying once again–there is no health insurance plan called “ObamaCare.”

    You only cited PolitiFact as a “fact-checker. ” Mother Jones has a different take on Paul’s lie: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/01/rand-paul-son-kentucky-automatically-enrolled-medicaid

    So does the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2014/01/10/how-did-rand-pauls-son-end-up-on-medicaid/

    Both of these sources make it clear that Paul’s son would not have been given Medicaid as an option if he had entered his personal information correctly.

    My health care insurance premiums are now $200 less under the ACA. Some of my friends are saving far more than that.

    I realize that it bothers conservatives to admit the truth, but the ACA is here to stay, and millions of Americans will live longer, healthier lives because of it.

    • Thad79, you missed Obama saying he was proud to call it ObamaCare? I know the Politichecks on this story and, not unusual, that the system screwed up again. Do you really think he would lie about something he can so easily prove. No, you wouldn’t think it would happen but it did. It’s a plan.

      Move along now. No one here is interested in your lame arguments.