Malaysian Flt MH370: Pilot Headed to Japan Made Contact, 4 Suspicious Passengers? 2 Uighurs on Flight? Flt 370 Down in Andaman Sea?

There are a few new bits of information coming out on Malaysian Flight MH370, all officially unconfirmed. One, translated from a Vietnamese site, says a pilot on the way to Japan was contacted by Vietnam air control and asked to try to get through to MH370, which he did and he heard one of the pilots “mumbling,” and then lost contact. See that translation below and remember that it could be inaccurate. There are numerous reports that MH370 had possibly turned back or turned around, and “possibly went down in the Andaman Sea near Thailand’s border.” This same report had earlier reported a debris field spotted was unrelated, reported as 11 am EDT today that a “floating object” 50 miles from Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island is being investigated. This morning two additional suspicious individuals are reported to have been on the flight, not including the two stolen passports we heard about yesterday. The same site, Infonet.vt, translated from Vietnamese, indicates there were two Chinese on board from a “hot spot” area who may have been Uighurs. Whether these two are the two additional “suspicious” individuals is not clear. Note that Infonet.vt is the only place I am finding the word “Uighur” used.

UPDATE 9:22 am 3/10/14: Iranian Connection, missing passport holders identified – not Asian-looking. Read it here.


 …in which two people are believed to Uighurs from Xinjiang, a hotspot of unrest China…but is not clear whether two Uighurs say on or not.

The oil slick has still not been confirmed to be from the ill-fated flight. A Vietnamese search aircraft reported the possible sighting of a part of a tail and an inner door (or something else entirely) has been spotted but CNN reports this to be unrelated or a “dead end,” “is not debris from the missing jetliner,” according to a U.S. official (see the link in the opening paragraph where this info has been updated).

The following is the report from the pilot of a Boeing 777 aircraft headed to Narita, Japan who says he was “picking up signals” from MH370 “just minutes after air traffic control requirements of Vietnam.”

The pilot, asking not to be named, said that while his aircraft was en route to Narita, Japan.
When Vietnam airspace, the pilot of the plane received a request from air traffic control Vietnam using the emergency frequency to communicate with the MH370 because Vietnam can not be contacted plane this.
“We tried to contact the MH370 1:30 and they were asked to Vietnam airspace or not. The sound on the other side of the growth can be Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27). Sounds a lot, but the last I heard mumbling. That was the last time I heard them, then we lost contact, “the Sunday Times quoted the pilot.
The pilot also wondered: “If the aircraft is in distress, we would have heard the distress signal pilots. But I’m sure we do not hear that … ” Source

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