Malaysia MH370 Captain Shah Received Untraceable Phone Call, SIM Card Purchased with Fake ID

We were told that Captain Zaharie Shah made a phone call from the cockpit of Malaysia Flight MH370 before taking off from the Kuala Lumpur airport on the night/early morning it disappeared. Newsmax is reporting that he received a call, two minutes in duration, from a “pay-as-you-go” SIM card.

UPDATE 8:08 a.m. CDT 3/34/14: Malaysia authorities say they are NOT investigating a call received by Shah from an untraceable SIM Card. They suggest the source might share the phone number with them. In other words, they say it’s a lie. This was a direct challenge to (see the link below at the bottom of the quote.)

A friend (L) with Malaysia Flight MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

A friend (L) with Malaysia Flight MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

The call— two minutes in duration— was placed to Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s mobile phone from a cell phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM card. Authorities traced the card to a shop in Kuala Lumpur.

Investigators say that the ID provided for the purchase, as required by law, turned out to be bogus. All that is known is that the purchaser gave a woman’s name.

While the development raises the possibility of a terrorist connection, such clandestine methods are also habitually used by political opponents of the government who don’t want their conversations traced, the Mail reported.

The FBI was reportedly pressing Malaysian investigators to interrogate the pilot’s estranged wife, Faizah. Though they lived in the same house with their children, the pair were said to be separated.

So far, local authorities have spoken with her, but have not pressed the issue of her husband’s frame of mind, according to the Mail. Read the entire story here.

Some of the Faces of  Malaysia MH370, courtesy of Click the graphic to visit

Some of the Faces of Malaysia MH370, courtesy of Click the graphic to visit

Captain Zaharie was said to have attended a court hearing the day of the evening he pointed MH370 toward Beiijing. Anwar Ibrahim, said to be a “distant relative” of Zaharie, had been charged with sodomy four times over a number of years and served numerous prison/jail sentences. The latest charge is believed by some to have been politically motivated (in fact, each time is considered to be politically motivated). Anwar Ibrahim had served in the government and he opposed what is characterized as brutal tactics by the current government. Shah has been pictured wearing a “Democracy is Dead” t-shirt. That day in court, Ibrahim’s acquittal was overturned and he is facing another long jail sentence. So the point about political opponents using unidentifiable SIM cards should be considered.

The NewsMax article also says that Shah and his wife were “estranged,” although they lived in the same house. Early reports from various sources said Mrs. Shah and the three children had left the house before the flight. Days later another report said she and the children left the house to avoid the press.

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  • Good Stuff

    good sources now say Zaharie did not attended a court hearing of. Anwar Ibrahim

    OK, he got a phone call…

    tracking the story –

    • Good Stuff

      Malaysian police have denied two British media reports that they are investigating a mobile phone call from the cockpit of Malaysia Airlines MH370 before take-off.

      Read more:

    • Good Stuff, many thanks for the links. I’ll spend some time with the FlightRadar, and thanks for linking me there. About the phone call, Very odd. There was a lot of detail for the Telegraph (I think it was the Telegraph) to completely make it up, but I don’t trust the Malaysians or China. They are both desperate to blame it on other countries. The Chicago Trib that you pointed me toward is very useful. Just a gut feel, but I can’t see Shah being a part of this, and I’ve shared that feeling here. When you read Anwar Ibrahim’s story, he was treated horribly by the government, all for charges of sodomy that were likely a political attack. Imprisoned numerous times – only by Muslims around the world, would this happen. The C Trib said “millions” of Malaysians wanted government change AFTER 56 YEARS. I can believe that.