Malaysia Flt MH370: Pilot Fanatical About Democracy Justice? Isn’t That a Good Thing? Malaysian Regime Corrupt

Yesterday, I stated that if both pilots were not involved in the hijacking of MH370, my money would be on the co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid — the “devout Muslim,” as the guilty crew member, but the focus certainly seems to be on Captain Zaharie Shah because he supports the Malaysian opposition party and specifically Anwar Ibrahim. I see many headlines about Shah’s fanaticism for a convicted man, but very, very few talking about what Ibrahim was convicted of, which is sodomy, four times! What better way to get rid of a powerful political opponent. Now, it gets kinda scary when Slate comes up with the background of the People’s Justice Party and Anwar Ibrahim before conservative sites. Convenient now for the current regime to play up Shah’s support in light of their completely inept reaction to the disappearance of MH370. Here’ some info:

A friend (L) with Malaysia Flight MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

A friend (L) with Malaysia Flight MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Pull-Out Quote:

Indeed, Shah is believed to have attended Anwar’s court hearing on March 7 that overturned his 2012 acquittal on sodomy charges, a politically motivated case that the Malaysian government typically dusts off around election time.

The rest of the opinion:

On Sunday, the U.K. and Malaysian press treated the revelation with the shock you might reserve for damning evidence. Shah was described—by an unnamed source—as a “fanatical supporter of the country’s opposition leader.” Elsewhere, he is described (apparently by unnamed police sources) as “fervent” and “strident” in his political convictions. More than a week after the Boeing 777 disappeared, we lack a motive, a clear suspect, or even a crime scene, but we have our “Anwar Ibrahim connection.” That is Malaysian politics.

A fanatical supporter of Anwar Ibrahim does sound scary—as long as you know nothing about him.

Anwar is the 66-year old opposition leader who is the principal thorn in the side of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) that has ruled Malaysia for 56 years. Anwar heads a coalition of parties, which includes his own multiethnic party, that has made the greatest inroads against the country’s corrupt masters. In 2008, the opposition won more than a third of the seats in parliament—the first time that UMNO lost its supermajority that allowed it to change the constitution at the prime minister’s whim. Anwar, who had been a political prisoner for six years, most of it in solitary confinement, won his seat in a landslide, and the opposition won five of the country’s 13 state governments. Last year, his opposition party claimed to have won the election against the ruling party, a contest that many say was marred by widespread fraud. Anwar supported the massive protests that followed the ruling party’s supposed victory, but he never called for a toppling of the government.

Anwar is trying to defeat Malaysia’s authoritarian regime through elections—not terrorism, let alone revolution. So, to be clear, what we know is that the pilot of MH370 is a fanatical supporter of a nonviolent man who supports a pluralistic and democratic Malaysia.  Read more William Dobson at Slate

Reposting from yesterday, a statement from Human Rights Watch:

Phil Robertson, Deputy Director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch said “this was a politically-motivated trial that was all about knocking Anwar Ibrahim out of politics and the government was prepared to do whatever it took to make that happen.”

“Anwar and his family appear caught in a never-ending nightmare of his political adversaries’ making, with the courts as the instrument of his political execution,” Mr Robertson said.

“It’s truly a dark day for the Malaysia judiciary which has shown itself incapable of standing up straight when national political issues are in play in cases before them,” he said.

Mr Robertson said the crime that Anwar is accused of  should never have been considered a crime in the first place. Source: SMH

Maybe Shah was an instigator of the missing plane, maybe he was a victim, but if he fanatically supports a more democratic government, and in a Muslim country chooses to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with “Democracy is Dead,” maybe we should report what crimes the man he supports was convicted of — sodomy, AND that he has been acquitted of the supposed-crime.

For the latest updates on the search for MH370, please visit here.

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