Malaysia Flt MH370: Mike McKay May Have Seen It Go Down: CONFUSION! Flew for 4-5 Hours More, Pakistan Potential?

New Zealander Michael Jerome McKay (Mike McKay) is a Songa oil-rig worker off the south coast of Vietnam. He says he thinks he saw Malaysia Flight MH370 Malaysia_MH370_56coming down in one piece in flames from a high altitude. Mr. McKay says he tried to contact both Malaysian and Vietnamese officials and then sent an email to his employer with details, including detailed coordinates (see it below). ABC’s Bob Woodruff has confirmed that McKay’s employer received the email. McKay specifically said he was “off Vung Tau.” On March 10th, WSJ reported that Vietnam had “inspected” an area 35 miles southeast of Vung Tau, looking for reported debris but found nothing “abnormal.” This report says the “nothing” found was “just two boats parked next to each other.” If the location is not the same as the McKay report, overnight it has been confirmed that the “potential” debris seen by Chinese satellite in the Gulf of Thailand is nothing — no debris found from yesterday’s report. The Wall Street Journal also reported engine data showing that MH370 may have flown for another four hours, possibly as far as the border of Pakistan or the Arabian Sea. Malaysian officials disputed WSJ, saying that engine data was received before the flight lost contact.

The translation of the WSJ report is that the engine transmits data as long as it is in the air to a Boeing maintenance facility and that that data DID come in for perhaps another 4 hours.

MalayMailOnLine, March 13, 2014 (a Vietnam official says the WSJ report is inaccurate and the engine data received was before the plane lost contact):

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 — Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 remained airborne for four hours after it reportedly vanished without a trace from off Malaysia’s east coast, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today.

Citing unnamed US aviation investigators and security officials, the US daily reported that the Beijing-bound jumbo jet carrying 239 passengers had continued flying for a total of five hours based on data obtained from the 777-200 plane’s maker, Boeing Co.

WSJ reported that the data was automatically downloaded and sent to the ground from the plane’s engines as part of a routine maintenance and monitoring programme.

It also reported US counter-terrorism officials now pursuing the idea that flight MH370 may hijacked after someone on the plane deliberately switched off the onboard transponders to escape radar detection.

Malaysia’s military radars were previously reported to have picked up a signal that may have been of MH370 on a westward flight, which broadened the search scope to cover the Malacca Strait and the Andaman Sea.

According to the WSJ, a total flight time of five hours after departing Kuala Lumpur means the Boeing 777-200 jet could have covered some 2,200 nautical miles, reaching as far west as the Indian Ocean, the border of Pakistan or even the Arabian Sea.

Snippet from McKay’s email:

“From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds,” he wrote. “There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary (falling), or going away from our location.”

“The surface location of the observation is: Lat 08” 22’ 30.23” N; Long 108” 42’ 22.26” E,” he said. Source: Washington Times


See this report from yesterday saying the area where the MH370 went missing is in one of the world’s “communications black spots.”

UPDATE 3/13/14 Take a look at this: WHAT IF a patent was running out and the deaths of Chinese patent holders aboard MH370 could benefit a name you know well. WHAT IF?

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