Liz Trotta: Five Marks of a Dying Culture – We Have All Five Going On At the Same Time

I caught Liz Trotta’s commentary this morning while cleaning out the fridge. Her reference to a dying culture caught my attention as I was despairing over a moldy piece of expensive cheese. Video and transcript below.


Let’s face it, we knew what President Obama’s worldview meant for us long before he set foot in the Oval Office: American must lower its super-power profile, he told us. Settle for soft diplomacy rather than confrontation, scale down, be humble, apologize for its colonial errors.

As for how he felt about his fellow countrymen, the racist servants of his devoted friend, the Reverend Wright, should have been the tip-off, so today in the cold froth of March, we’re forced to examine the everyday results of the Obama doctrine, how the folly of weak stewardship trickle down to reinforce an America drowning in incompetence.

Things don’t seem to work anymore, and a feeling of national exasperation is alive in the land.

Gibbons said in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that there were five marks of the dying culture:

1) Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth,

2) Obsessions with sex and perversions of sex,

3) Freakish and sensationalistic art instead of creative and original,

4) Widening disparity between the very rich and the very poor, and

5) Increased demand to live off the state.

Today panic over Russia’s land-grab, signals the latest manifestation of a foreign policy running on guesswork. Even U.S. intelligence is divided on what Putin will do next. Is there a lesson in the fact that the president, clinging to his diversity mantra, has appointed mostly women to top security and State Department jobs? America the exceptional has become America the incompetent.

From foreign policy, our flat-footedness reaches down into the nitty-gritty of everyday life. So many people, dumbed-down by notions of fake equality, have, by-and-large, lost any fidelity to an American ideal. When is the last time you saw an American flag at a Puerto Rican Day parade?

Liz Trotta

Liz Trotta

Many of us are aghast of the ‘whatever philosophy’ that has replaced American ‘can do.’ We are also tired.

Tired of government policies that exalt government handouts and rack-up a haunting debt. It has changed us, just as Richard Nixon warned. If we take the hand of the permanent hand-out, he said, the American character, will itself be impoverished.

We are tired of the incompetence in raising children, the absence of parents who could teach the difference between right and wrong.

Tired too, of the random rudeness and coarse language on and off the streets, especially from over sexed teenagers who advertise for sex and then claim abuse.

Tired of weaselly young men with their testosterone-challenged beards and mincing ways, who’d rather do the dishes than defend our country.

Tired of racial imperatives, Hollywood’s robotic devotion to groveling liberalism by requiring every picture to showcase a liberated ingenue, an asserted heroine and a cerebral black man as it’s anti-hero.

Tired of the deification of homosexuals who may have won the media race and silenced the incompetent opposition, although many Americans find their life style repugnant.

Tired of sugary customer reps with the English capability of a three-year old, who keep you on hold for 20 minutes while they pretend to provide service.

Tired of a rotting educational system where grammar and literature are supplanted by Women’s Studies and Black History for students who can barely spell or write a simple sentence, so last week, the college board announced it will no longer require written essays on its admissions exams, implying it is wealth, not intelligence that makes the difference. At the University of Arizona and other schools, students are signing up Vampire Studies.

There’s much more to be tired of. America the incompetent rules.

End Trotta Commentary

I was curious about the absence of the American Flag in Puerto Rican Day parades in the host country. She’s right.

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  • Fixall

    Yes, we know what Obama and all of his policies are about, but no one,and I mean no one is doing anything about it. The MSM does not report the facts, too much brainwashing of our youth, and most Americans afraid too said anything because they will called racist. I hope America wakes up before it is too late. Obama=Failure!

    • Fixall, we’ve learned just how many walls we can run into trying to stop what we thought were constitutional avenues to protect us. Nothing is easy about this, and with this Senate, it’s close to impossible.

  • KatieNorcross

    Let it go then. Nobody cares. Nobody minds.

  • Jack Shaw

    Mr.Fixall below has it right. No one is stopping Obama.No oneis doing anything.Congress is as much at fault as Obama, congress but for a handful of exceptions is not safeguarding America. Someone has to come forward,someone,anywhere who will say “stop’ this lawlessness, stop being lead by political Correctness.

    • Jack Shaw, so right, none of this could have happened without the Senate letting it happen. It is daunting though to see and understand, that if you want to fight back as Rand Paul is doing, you have to go to court and it will take years. As Gowdy said about Lois Lerner, going after who wouldn’t be over until his grandchildren would hear the news (and he’s a young man). We have a way to deal with Contempt of Congress and we should do.

    • Flitandersen_99

      Chairman “Boner” has a DUTY to bring articles of impeachment. It doesn’t matter that Reid will let it die in the Senate without a vote. The point is he must be MADE to let it die. You cannot out a traitor without backing him into a corner where he MUST choose to support the Constitution or his “daddy”. “Boner” is too mucy of a “gentleman” to make Reid expose himself – so to speak.

      • Flitandersen_99, I believe the House can impeach him without any Senate involvement, then the Senate may or may not convict him. I agree that the House needs to do whatever the law allows them to do. We do have a problem though, as with repealing ObamaCare so many times, Republicans have not talked about it nearly enough and then when Reid and party laughs at the House for the numerous repeal votes, Republicans do not answer back. We need someone really good on the mic. I don’t think Boehner is being a gentleman. I think he’s essentially on Reid’s side, at to much of the time.

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  • Michael

    None of that even interests me, what is amazing are the women who belong to the Republican party. I always ask why? Maybe you could enlighten me?

    • Michael, no I shouldn’t “enlighten” you. Why would I waste my time?

      • Fixall

        You’re right Maggie, Why waste your time. Michael is probably a mole who goes on different sites to make snide remarks to your devoted bloggers.

    • Flitandersen_99

      Mike, I’m guessing there are a lot of sensible women out there who would rather they & their husbands not be enslaved to fund the Left’s dream of the destruction of America, and as a side note, would rather their sons not be emasculated in pre-K and their daughters not be schooled into the fine art of sluttery and baby-killing. Just MY opinion, though.

  • Flitandersen_99

    Sunday on her FNC commentary regarding Harry Reid, Liz referred to him as a “rude little man”. Liz, I love you! Run away with me and join the Wolverines!

    • Flitandersen_99, I missed Sunday’s Liz. I’ll look for it on Youtube. He definitely is rude, I’d say a rude weasel.

      • Flitandersen_99

        I hope it gets posted. It was one of her best commentaries ever. Remarked on how Reid loves to pound on the “evil billionaire” Kock bros. war on the “little guy” whom Reid is fighting for because he’s only a multi-millionaire. Too funny. Even George Soros gets mentioned. It’s a thing of beauty. Good luck!