Lia Mills 7th Grade Pro-Life Speech – Lia is 17 Today: Disqualified From Competition Until…

Lia Mills is 17-years old today, but at the age of twelve she gave a pro-life speech to her 7th grad class at Brown Middle School in East New York. Her teacher was pro-abortion and told Lia she could deliver the speech, but would be DISQUALIFIED from competition and recommended that Lia choose another topic. Read what happened then and see the video of the speech below.

Lia Mills, 16 or 17 years old

Lia Mills, 16 or 17 years old

At the recent International Pro-Life Conference in Ottawa, Lia told the crowd that being “a fairly competitive person,” she was eager to participate in the competition; however,  “after more praying and thinking” she decided that she would stick with the topic of abortion anyway, even if it meant disqualification.

Unexpectedly, however, Lia’s teacher was so impressed with the speech that she backtracked and, despite her pro-abortion views, recommended that Lia represent her class in the schoolwide competition.

But before Lia had a chance to go before the school and the panel of judges, her teacher demanded that she remove one sentence from the speech that referenced God. Once again Lia was forced to choose between her principles and her desire to compete, and possibly win – and once again, she chose the former. “After a night of tears and prayer, I went to school, and sadly told my teacher that I couldn’t take that sentence out and that I would withdraw from the contest,” she says.

But once again her teacher changed her mind, and allowed Lia to compete anyway.

At the schoolwide competition, one pro-abortion judge stepped down from the panel before Lia even began.  And after the speech, the judges initially told Lia she had been disqualified.  But controversy among the judges eventually led to a reversal, and Lia’s family learned the next day that Lia had been declared the winner. Source: LifeSiteNews

At the age of 14 Lia said this:

“What I realize now,” she told the crowd, “is that when I made the decision to speak on abortion, it wasn’t just a decision to do a speech. It was a decision to step into a spiritual battle, a battle that I wasn’t aware of in the least and a battle that was growing in intensity.”

“I still don’t know why God chose me to do what I did,” she continued, “but I’m learning, ever so slowly, to try and embrace conflict, to try to realize that some things will only change as I become willing to stand in opposition to the status quo, as I become willing to see beyond my need for peace and safety and learn to step out of the boat and make some waves.”

Click the link above to LifeSiteNews for the full story, including comments from her parents.

In mid-2013 Ms. Miller said this in an interview:

INTERVIEWER: Have your views evolved or changed at all?

LIA: At the beginning, I believed that abortion was wrong, and that’s still what I believe, but back then, my views were simplistic, probably based mostly on religion. I just thought abortion was wrong because the Bible says so, but now I feel like I can talk about the issue without even bringing religion into it, which is a good place to be. I want to be able to explain my position so that people will understand, whether they go to church or not.

INTERVIEWER: Okay, go ahead.

LIA: I believe that human life starts at conception, and I think that science backs me up. I think the unborn child deserves the same rights as any human, but I don’t just want to say abortion is wrong and leave it there. I realize there are reasons why women seek abortions. People often ask me what my end goal in this is—am I trying to make abortion illegal?—and that’s actually not it. My goal is to make abortion unthinkable.

Click the link above to LifeSiteNews for the full story, including comments from her parents.

LifeNews – a current story on Lia Mills:

Here is how she describes herself on her Twitter account: “Lover of Jesus. Daughter of the Most High. Human Rights Activist. Public Speaker. Pro-life. Survivor. Revivalist. Nation shaker. World changer.”

Lia Mills at the time of her 7th grade speech

Lia Mills at the time of her 7th grade speech

Lia Mills Pro-Life Speech – Stepping Into a Spiritual Battle (video)

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