Kevin Trudeau Barack Obama Promised Better Health: One Gets 10 Yrs, One Gets The Oval Office – Both Do Infomercials

Hawking faux health is acceptable for some, not so acceptable for others. Acceptable for Barack Obama, unacceptable for Kevin Trudeau. Alternative medicine without offering a natural cure, is not cool, and blaming the feds for it is dangerous. Hawking the lie that you can manage your health by keeping your doctor is not punishable by law, even though those doing the hawking get a tidy retirement paid by you. Refusing to pay a $37 million fine and pointing a finger at the Federal Trade Commission has put Kevin Trudeau in prison for 10 years. Trudeau, with his book, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, got square in the face of the feds. According to this source, the book did not contain “natural cures.” Trudeau claimed he could not include cures because he was threatened by Federal Trade Commission. Remember this: we are not free to accuse the feds; neither are we free to manage our own health care or be stupid, but “they” are allowed to teach stupidity to our children.

This creative graphic courtesy of Canada Free Press

This creative graphic courtesy of Canada Free Press

This is how our government protects us from bad books and bad people, who claim to have a secret cure, but are really just taking our money, like rubes stumbling through the carnival.

The prosecution of Trudeau was a joint effort by the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department. Do not hold your breath waiting for those two to get together again to prosecute President Barack Obama, or any of the other charlatans he brought to Washington with him.

Yes, I will say it: Obama lied. The president said he would fix our health care in such a way that more people would have better coverage, and it would save us money, too.

Of course, there were big lies and little lies. We were told we could keep our doctor. Lie. We could keep our plan. Lie. Our premiums would go down. Lie.

Then, there was the stuff about health care reform saving money in the federal budget, improving services and covering everyone. Lie, lie, lie.

But, as Baltimore talk show host Derek Hunter points out: When the mainstream media is part of Team Obama, when the president lies, it carries the same risk as his saying “Hello.”

Maybe Trudeau should not have taunted the feds. Certainly it was a brilliant part of the con to accuse the government of trying to shut you down, so when the government does shut you down, your followers all recognize the suppression of their hero.

Trudeau also taunted the doctors and all the others who he said did not want him telling the American people that there were cures for cancer, diabetes and obesity that the doctors and feds were keeping a secret.

It is a sad truth that a lot of people who know Trudeau was making it up or twisting small facts into big, bad lies, but they kept their mouths shut. Source: Canada Free Press, Neil W. McCabe

If Trudeau were a medical doctor, I might look at this differently, but until Obama showed-up, we each were responsible for our own health, for making our decisions and if we wanted to try alternative medicine, we could buy a book and do it.

Suzanne Somers has been talking about her alternative choice to treat her own breast cancer and it seems to be working, but who knows? With cancer, you never know until you die of something else.

In his “Natural Cures” book he claimed that sunscreen causes cancer, not the sun, and that AIDS is a hoax. Every day I have to listen to government screed about global warning and know I’m going to be taxed for the lies in some way. I pay more for my fast food because of labeling requirements. Trudeau could only sell you a book, he couldn’t make you get in the sun without sunscreen. If you choose to believe too much sun is not dangerous, it’s your right to do so and it should be his right to write it, just as so-called climatologist Michael Mann knowingly lied about climate change and tree rings and forced his bogus hockey schtick graph on the unsuspecting, and received funding for lying to support a costly false premise.

Trudeau is a con-man. There’s one around every corner. Consider Mary Shapiro while at FINRA and later at the SEC under Obama, who ignored Bernie Madoff, allowed him to steal the wealth of clients without batting an eyelash. Yes, Madoff is in prison but “they” aren’t.

Mary Schapiro, has been at the helm of two agencies directly tasked with watching over our markets and the stability of investor funds. She ignored Madoff –whistleblower be damned.  Some believe her FINRA oversight of Lehman Brothers was faulty, there was AIG, and Merrill Lynch.

In 2007-08, Regulators at FINRA were so distracted with empire-building and lining their pockets, they overlooked the world’s two largest Ponzi schemers: Bernie Madoff and, allegedly, R. Allen Stanford….

Several broker-dealers subsequently sued FINRA, alleging the officers had lied and subsequently had used some of the money to give themselves exorbitant pay raises. Mary Schapiro, who led FINRA then, received $7.3 million in salary [and maybe as much as $25 million over time] and accumulated benefits when she left; now chairman of the SEC, Schapiro makes $158,500 a year.


Trudeau has previously been convicted of larceny and credit card fraud, both worthy of jail time. In 2011 an Appeals Court upheld a ‘settlement’ of a $500,000 fine levied against Trudeau, and a stipulation to never promote products other than his own books through infomercials. He violated that agreement in some way and was slapped with the $37.6 million fine, which he tried to avoid by claiming bankruptcy and fleeing to Switzerland. On his way to this week’s ten-year prison sentence, he was convicted of criminal contempt.

He’s a snake, just like those who put him prison, those who upend our free and fair elections, shut-down our coal plants and govern through fiat. I don’t have to buy anything Trudeau sells. If I did choose to buy his book, which I have not done, and will not do, he would at least be my snake, and I would be responsible for choosing a snake. I would never be responsible for choosing the New Black Panther Party over Philadelphia voters, but Eric Holder did.

Part of Trudeau’s defense was to plead the Fifth Amendment 383 times. It’s working for Lois Lerner, it didn’t work for Trudeau. See Mark Dice on Trudeau in the video below.

Mark Dice on Kevin Trudeau Pleading the Fifth 383 Times – Not a Typo (video)

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  • Craig Badcraigsnews Miller

    Good one Maggie

  • Geo

    Great article, Maggie. I would’ve never thought of comparing the two shysters myself.

    Several months ago on a Sunday afternoon I was changing channels looking for something and I came across the local NBC affiliate. Much to my amazement they were running a infomercial with Trudeau. I was shocked at the airing.

    I emailed the station manager and told him what I thought of the airing and of Trudeau’s background. On Monday morning I had a reply from him. He stated that he was unaware of Trudeau’s background as I stated it, but said he would check and try and verify it. I never saw the infomercial run again on the station {though it could have}.

    I was shocked that they would air something like that and expose their viewership to that without some kink of verification of the product and individuals.

    • Geo, thanks. As long as his coming incarceration has been going on, I’m surprised the station didn’t know. Looks like you stopped it.