Justina Pelletier to Return to Tufts Doctors but Still In Custody of Massachusetts Dragnet (DCF)

After more than a year of keeping 15-year-old Justina Pelletier from her family, and keeping her away from the doctor who had diagnosed and treated her for Mitochondrial disease, and then helped her to thrive after surgery, the Pelletier family, residents of Connecticut, has won the right to return their failing daughter to here doctors at Tufts Medical Center. A case of the flu caused the Pelletiers to take Justina to Boston Children’s in February 2012. Boston Children’s decided that the Mitochondrial diagnosis was incorrect and Justina’s problem was psychological to some degree, and the Tufts treatment was “invasive” and amounted to “medical abuse.”

Justina Pelletier, before Boston Childrens on left

Justina Pelletier, before Boston Childrens on left

Justina Pelletier, 9 months after entering Boston Childrens

Justina Pelletier, 9 months after entering Boston Childrens

Look at the photos above. The top photo on the left shows Justina two months before entering Boston Children’s, and on the right, Justina after a year of their heinous care. Then the photo just above, which is Justina nine months after entering BCH. There can be do doubt that BCH and DCF have not taken the best interests of this child into their agenda. May God have mercy on them. They’re going to need it.

When the Pelletiers refused to remove Justina from Tuft’s care, the hospital contacted the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) which took custody and stole more than a year of her life, and the lives of those who love her. Even with her coming-transfer to Tufts, it’s unknown whether her health can be recovered.

The family was put under a gag order, under the threat of jail. A year later, as the family had watched their vibrant girl waste-away, Mr. Pelletier faced the incarceration risk squarely, and began telling Justina’s story. He picked the right forum. Mr. Pelletier interviewed with Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File. The story broke the hearts of America.

Justina has three sisters, at least one of which has not seen her for a year, and one of the sisters, Jessica, has also been diagnosed with Mitochondrial. This rare cellular disorder can be inherited from the mother or from the mother and the father. Here’s an interesting explanation of how Mitochondrial disease is passed along.

For one year this beautiful young girl, missing a year of school now, was held hostage by government bureaucrats. Two family members were allowed to see her for one hour each week, supervised. For the last month she has been held at the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network facility in Framingham, Mass., but on February 14th a judge ordered her into foster care. The “foster care facility” refused to take her.

As of today, the gag order has been dropped and Lou and Linda Pelletier can take their daughter to Tufts but the DCF still holds custody. The Pelletiers have requested that she be placed in the custody of Connecticut. This means that DCF still alleges this family is party to medical abuse. She should be in the custody of her family.

The Blaze is reporting that Massachusetts DCF is under investigation for fraud and mismanagement for no longer checking on 134 children. Perhaps those children will be luckier than Justina, however, today Fox has a report that a 5-year-old boy in their care is missing and in July 2013, 95 children were reported dead between 2001 and 2010 under the custody of DCF.

If the Pelletiers ever get their precious child out of Massachusetts, I bet they will never let her set foot in that state again, and a lesson for all of us here, is that if a gag order is slapped on us, and it unjustly affects our children, we better take a chance and get to Fox News as fast as we can, because they are the only very public forum determined to keep our children safe from predators of every sort.


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  • This is hopefully the beginning of good news for the Pelletier family. What has happened to them and to Justina is a great tragedy.

  • pschieber

    Unfortunately kidnapping by DCF bureaucrats don’t just happen in Mass. Read this http://www.jewishamericanpatriots.com/

    • pschieber, I’ll check the link. Thanks! I know Oklahoma also has a horrible situation. All government bureaucrats are majorly leftist, as that’s how they get paid. They are lazy and for all their claims of compassion, we often find they abuse the very victims they so haughtily advocate for – in public.

  • Beverly

    You really should have also mention the coverage theBlaze and Glenn Beck’s radio program gave to this case. It was far more than fFox. Shame on you Maggie.

    • Beverly, There is no doubt The Blaze did an amazing job with investigating and getting the word out, but in my opinion, when it hit TV with Megyn Kelly, everything changed. Fox is the only major conservative entity on Cable or Network.

      • Beverly

        Actually, theBlaze is on many cable systems and the radio program is in every major market. Just saying, you should give credit where credit us due. Would Megan have done it if theBlaze gad not done it previously?

        • Beverly, I don’t know the answer to that question. I do what I can do here. I’m not in a position to listen to radio much.