Increased US Spec Forces Hunt Joseph Kony Under War Powers, 1 US Mil for Every Kony Follower – Uganda’s Harsh Anti-Gay Policy Not

Sunday night, Barack Obama notified Congress, under the War Powers Act, of 150 additional Special Forces troops being sent to Uganda to hunt for Joseph Kony, once the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, but perhaps not today, as much of the group is believed to have broken away from him. It is believed Kony has about 250 in his Army. With another 150 US troops, we will have at least one American looking for every Kony follower. Four CV-22 Ospreys flown by Special Forces airmen for troop movement on their way. Rules of Engagement (ROE) remain the same, we are “assisting” the African Union forces, not engaging Kony or his followers. Note that Kony has repeatedly been called a “Christian” terrorist, although his original Liberation Army was made up numerous cultish ideals. There is no reason given for sending our troops into harm’s way, such as Kony being at a specific spot at a specific time, and Reuters assures us that the president’s action has nothing to do with his [warning to Uganda“criticism of new anti-gay legislation in Uganda that imposes harsh penalties for homosexuality,” because, you know, we don’t punish Iran for the same and probably worse treatment, so we wouldn’t let that dominate our policy in Uganda.

Joseph Kony, Lord's Resistance Army

Joseph Kony, Lord’s Resistance Army

GretaWire reports Joseph Kony will be hunted “across a broad swath of central Africa.”

The White House began to notify Congress, under the War Powers Act, of the new deployments as they began Sunday night. Dory and other officials emphasized that the Ospreys will be used for troop transport and that the rules of engagement for U.S. forces remain the same as for about 100 Special Operations troops that Obama first sent to help find Kony in October 2011.

Washington Post:

Kony, whose forces have spent years attacking central African villages, mutilating civilians and stealing children, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court. His organization is thought to have been decimated in recent years through military action against it and defections….

But Kony has not been definitively sighted for some time. His force is now thought to number no more than 250 fighters who shift position frequently within a wide area across the target countries….

U.S. and A.U. forces pursuing Kony operate out of bases in Uganda. Administration officials who described the new deployments insisted they did not imply any weakening in the Obama administration’s criticism of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for signing a new law imposing harsh penalties for “homosexual offenses.”…

The LRA poses no threat to the United States, but the administration sees assistance to the A.U. mission as a useful way to build military and political partnerships with African governments in a region where al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are rapidly expanding, as well as to demonstrate adherence to human rights principles.

How does the president “notify” Congress of a War Powers enactment on Sunday evening? They called a session?  Email? A text? A phone call?

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  • nbamron

    anybody want to tell me what our vital interests are in Africa? and I don’t mean Moslem north Africa.

    • nbamron, odd the timing of this. Kony hasn’t been seen in ages. His “army” is down to 250. We have 250-300 US there. Must be something coming that needs a big distraction.

      • nbamron

        I would think it is more likely the US president ordered something done so he doesn’t look like complete and useless fool internationally. So like him to choose a fool’s errand to “make his stand.”

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Increased US Spec Forces Hunt Joseph Kony Under War Powers, 1 US Mil for Every Kony Follower – Uganda’ s Harsh Anti-Gay Policy Not

      • Guest
  • It’s OK to kill Christians but not homosexuals?

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  • Obama has said aid to Uganda would now be send to various Non Government Organizations.. In Ukraine that turned out to be the out of power political party.. In Egypt it is/was the Muslim Brotherhood

    Somehow I think Uganda might be better off not so politely suggesting Obama keep our cash and our military out of their country..