Howard Dean: ObamaCare IPAB a Problem – “It’s a Health Care Rationing Body” – Chomsky Admires Palin

The Washington Times writes that Howard Dean and Sarah Palin

Howard Dean

Howard Dean

both identified the ObamaCare IPAB as a “rationing body,” (death panel) at about the same time. No, no, no! Dean’s op-ed was published in the Wall Street Journal on July 28, 2013. Palin began talking about the IPAB and the death panel that it represents in August 2009, before the bill was even passed, according to Wikipedia. I admit I can’t find her first reference to “death panel,” but if Wikipedia says it happened in August 2009, we know that’s when it happened, right? Anyway, we do know she was talking about it years before July 2013.

UPDATE 3-2-14 @ 12:42 am CST: A reader of this story left a link in comments to Palin’s first mention of “death panels” on her Facebook page, dated August 7, 2009. Many thanks to CardiLover!

“One major problem [with Obamacare] is the so-called independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare and determining which procedures and drugs will be covered and at what price, the IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.”

See, if you ration care, people will die. It’s pretty simple.

Dean, a medical doctor, is a former U.S. Congressman from Vermont, Democrat candidate for president and former chair of the Democratic National Convention.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

The same Washington Times article quotes wonky leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky saying this about Sarah:

“I don’t usually admire Sarah Palin, but when she was making fun of this ‘hopey, changey stuff,’ she was right. There was nothing there,” he said, the Inquisitr blog reported. “And it was understood by the people who run the political system, and so it’s no great secret that the U.S. electoral system is mainly a public relations extravaganza … it’s sort of a marketing affair.”

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  • AugustaMike

    Hmm, so Dean and Chomsky both finally admit their prez’ signature policy is terribly flawed, implicitly crediting The Little Lady from Alaska that got it right 5 years ago. Who’s the diminutive intellect here?
    Prepare for the end, it must surely be near! 🙂

    • AugustaMike, that’s about it. I wonder if Katie Couric had any idea where Ukraine is located or knew anything about its history when she asked Palin about what she reads?

  • CardiLover

    Here’s your link to the first time Sarah Palin mentioned “death panels.”

    • CardiLover, thanks so much for this. I’ve updated the post and gave you a hat tip.