Henry Waxman Threatened to Physically Remove Darrell Issa From Hearing: Waxman Breaks House Rules – Gavels Like a Mad Man

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) threatened to “physically remove” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) from a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing in May 2008. This is pertinent because Issa is now the chair of the committee and on Wednesday, adjourned a continuing hearing attempting to question Lois Lerner. Rep. Elijah Cummings threw “a hissy fit,” and Issa ended up apologizing later in the day, although Issa told Megyn Kelly he did not break House Committee rules, and further said that the outrage was staged [paraphrased]. Our tendency to apologize in the face of the disrespect of arrogant, flagrant, publicity-seeking progressive politicians is almost as appalling as the Democrats-in-perpetual-outrage. The Waxman video is below. See Megyn Kelly and Issa here with the details of Elijah Cummings’ “hissy fit.”

Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman

After Waxman ranted and gaveled like he was fighting demons, Issa says the “rules of the House call for an alternating five minutes. At what time does the Chairman speak and ask these questions?”

The chair has the prerogative to pursue for the record a clarification.” ~ Henry Waxman

ISSA: “Where in the rules is that stated? Could I see a copy of the rules that allow…”

At 2:37 in the video Waxman looked at Issa and said, “I will have you physically removed from this meeting if you don’t stop,” and then Waxman continued to break the rules.

Henry Waxman threatens to have Darrell Issa “physically removed” from Committee hearing (video)
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  • Gene Bell


  • steve

    Man! I’ve seen a better face on an iodine bottle!!! And to think the Democrats got their panties in a wad over Issa’s “racist” remarks to Mr. Cummings! Democrats and liberals are so thin-skinned. They can call you all kinds of names yet when someone does it to them they whine and cry like babies.

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  • Bring it on Mr. Nostril.

  • KatieNorcross

    You forgot the rule Maggie. There is one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans.

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  • bittman

    Cummings’ comments were solely to take the focus off the fact that Lerner pleaded the Fifth for the second time. He picked his words carefully to ensure the “racist” meme would “sell”. The Dems are doing everything they can to protect someone in the White House.

  • pumabydesign001

    As I watched the hearing, the other day, it was obvious that Cummings’ outburst was staged. That being said, I really wished that Issa stood his ground and NOT apologized. He did nothing wrong.