Gangs (Uighur Muslims) With Knives Slash Way Through Train Station in China, 29 Dead: Don’t Have Guns, Didn’t Need Guns

In countries where there is no Second Amendment privilege, you can still die in one attack in double digits and be brutally wounded. Citizens are largely disarmed in China, but a gang of allegedly Uighur Muslims (also spelled ‘Uyghur’) estimated to number 10, including two females, slashed their way through the Kunming train station in Yunnan Province. Twenty-nine died, plus 4 attackers, and 143 are wounded. Note that these numbers may change. Police shot four, at least one of them a woman, and one suspect was take alive. The hunt is on for the remainder of the “gang.”

Uighur Muslims in photo unrelated to the Kunming attack

Uighur Muslims in photo unrelated to the Kunming attack

Witnesses described assailants dressed in black charging through station, slashing indiscriminately with large knives and machetes. Source: Daily Mail

Knife Attack Victims in China's Kunming Train Station in Yunnan Province

Knife Attack Victims in China’s Kunming Train Station in Yunnan Province

ABC has the latest report that I’ve found, filed about two hours ago and they are also reporting 29 dead, plus the four attackers.

Authorities on Sunday blamed a slashing rampage that killed 29 people and wounded 143 at a train station in southern China on separatists from the country’s far west, while local residents said government crackdowns had taken their toll on the alleged culprits…

The attackers’ identities have not been confirmed, but evidence at the scene showed that it was “a terrorist attack carried out by Xinjiang separatist forces,” Xinhua said. The far western region of Xinjiang is home to a simmering rebellion against Chinese rule by some members of the Muslim Uighur (pronounced WEE’-gur) population, and the government has responded there with heavy-handed security…

Most attacks blamed on Uighur separatists take place in Xinjiang, where clashes between Uighurs and police or members of China’s ethnic Han majority are frequent, but Saturday’s assault happened more than 1,500 kilometers (more than 900 miles) to the southeast in Yunnan, which has not had a history of such unrest. Source: ABC News

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