FLOTUS With The Mostest, Literally: Michelle Obama Trails Laura Bush 73% to 66% – Hillary Needed the Blue Dress

First Ladies always poll more favorably than their husbands for obvious reason, with the exception of Hillary Clinton, who trailed Slick Willy UNTIL Monica and the blue dress, and then Hill garnered more favorability in polling. The blue dress is an important America artifact, as it may give the Hillary a chance at the Oval Office. Michelle Obama’s all-time high favorability in Gallup polling is 72 percent to Laura Bush’s AVERAGE of 73 percent. Currently, MO has a 66 percent average. Hillary’s average, including the Monica Lewinsky period was 56 percent.

Laura Bush and Michelle Obama

Laura Bush and Michelle Obama

Nearly seven of every 10 U.S. adults has a favorable opinion of the nation’s first lady, Michelle Obama, though her ratings lag behind those of former first ladies Laura Bush and Barbara Bush when they were in the White House, a Gallup poll showed Monday.

She has a 66 percent average rating — a full 10 percentage points above Hillary Clinton’s rating during her time as first lady, the poll noted.

But Americans’ good opinion of the current first lady doesn’t measure up to Laura Bush’s 73 percent favorability rating or Barbara Bush’s 77 percent, the poll showed. Source: Newsmax



  • Class will out, every time.

  • Well then, I give you Class versus Classless.

  • Denis George Miller

    the bush wives are way ahead because they were REAL ladies! it is very easy to understand.

  • KatieNorcross

    I figure by the time Obama leaves office Michelle’s numbers will be in the tank too.