Florida Standardized Testing FCAT: Look Who Must Endure Them – Teachers for Disabled May Be A Thing Of The Past

All students in Florida “must participate the state’s assessment and accountability system — it’s the law.” There is an alternative “assessment” test for disabled students, but as you’ll hear in the video, “when you get to students with complex and multiple disabilities, they are different from other students,” taking the alternative FCAT.  In the video, pay special attention to little “Luis” who is in a “permanent vegetative state.”

A teacher in this video says she must read to a child who cannot understand, and show pictures to a child who is blind. This isn’t for stimulating a child, it’s for testing a child. A parent says it is “disrespectful to the student.” Another spokeswoman for the Karen M. Siegel Academy says year-after-year there is no learning gain for the majority of the children — it is “degrading” and “disrespectful” to the teacher, as well.

A parent notes that a teacher’s salary, “one day.” might be tied to how these children test. If these tests are continued to be forced, there may well be no teachers at all for severely mentally and physically disabled children in the future.

Last month Grumpy Elder did an article on what he calls, and I agree, the sadistic nature of the Department of Education forcing  severely handicapped children to undergo standardized tests.

At the right is a picture of a child who is blind, has cerebral palsy and is in a morphine-induced coma.

"Ethan" - Dying Child Must Take Florida's Alternative FCAT Standardized Test

“Ethan” – Dying Child Must Take Florida’s Alternative FCAT Standardized Test

And he is dying. But the state of Florida who is apparently learning-disabled compels this child, Ethan and others with similar debilitating handicaps, to take their *test* any how. Idiocy and devastating for a parent to see and endure, I’m sure. Read more on this story at Grumpy Opinions

Florida Standardized Testing Gone “Horribly Wrong” (video)
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