Featured Blogs: Legality, Alone, Cannot Be The Talisman of Moral People

The blogs below are also in my Featured Weekly Blogs widget in my top right sidebar. They will stay there for the coming week with their latest blog title showing. Maybe you’ll find a new blog that inspires you, and that you want to pass on to your friends. All of those below send readers to Maggie’s Notebook, either through a direct link, or through their blogrolls, and I am appreciative.

Walter Williams

Walter Williams

90 Miles from Tyranny: War Was Outlawed in 1928

American Power Blog: About That Pesky Budapest Memorandum…

Grumpy Opinions: Just who are we supporting in Ukraine and why…Suppose they’re Nazis?

I Own The World: New Libya: Man Tortured to Death for ‘Drinking Alcohol Illegally.’

I’m 41: Army Must Shed 6 Brigade Combat Teams to Meet Proposed Budget Cuts

Moonbattery: ObamaCare at Mardi Gras

Pirate’s Cove: 9th Circuit Students Have No Right to Wear A USA Flag Shirt

Proof Positive: James Burke, The Day The Universe Changed – 9 Making Waves

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In addition to those above, visit my favorite Christian blogger, Carl Middleton. He posts one column each weekend. His writing is always Biblical, he uses a lot of word study as a concise tool. He is a wonderful teacher. This week Carl asks “Where Is Your Faith.”  

This Oscar Sunday Round-up has more. Check it out here.

  • Yos

    Dang it, I loves me this blog, Liberty Belle!

    I have, what, two regular readers? Wait, three. But I earned ’em all!

    • Yos, you’re still a working man with a young child at home. I no longer have to work, although I think often that I would love to. Finding an employer to sanction my specific requests for accommodation isn’t likely to happen, and I’m finished with being responsible for my own business endeavors, so I can blog all day and all night long. When you write, it is always insightful and usually not short of brilliance, and when you link someone, it’s always a good link to real information.

      • Yos

        That’s an honor, Maggie! (Make a grown man blush.)

        Hey, one of my regulars – a fellow hobby blogger has just purchased one of Steven Givler’s beautiful watercolors. Lt. Cl. Givler is active duty these days in Germany.

        So! If yerever bored and need a post on cultural things, Steven’s blog is worthy of the attention.

  • Thanks Maggie, Appreciate it..

  • Fixall

    So many blogs,so little time. But I will try to check them out, one at a time.(Keep yours coming,I read them everyday.)