Dottie Sandusky, Wife of Pedophile Jerry Sandusky Gives First Interview: Why?

Dottie Sandusky is interviewing with Matt Lauer on Wednesday, March 12. She is the wife of Jerry Sandusky, the convicted pedophile, former Penn State Assistant Coach. Sandusky is now behind bars on 45 counts of rape and child abuse Why would this woman want to open this wound? Her husband, she says, misses “family meals,” “playing ball,” and ‘the good times with grandchildren.’ Some of the abuse of the numerous young boys happened in the Sandusky home while boys spent the night. If you don’t remember much about this story, find links to the background below and be prepared to wash away the scum with a quick shower.

Dottie Sandusky - Jerry Sandusky

Dottie Sandusky – Jerry Sandusky

‘Jerry always put others before himself and always wanted to make each person feel special no matter who they were,’ she wrote of her husband of 46-years according to NBC.

‘Like all of us he has his faults, one is he cares so much for people always wanting them to reach their potential.’

All “faults” are not equal. I think all sin, with the exception of one, may be equal in the eyes of God, but “faults” among us are not, and especially when a person is in a position of trust with children. Sandusky set up his own foundation and used it to serve his “faults” for a very long time, including on the grounds of Penn State, while management at Penn State looked the other way.

The pages of graphic charging documents filed against Sandusky told how he preyed on young, underprivileged boys who he met through his charity, The Second Mile. Read more at The Daily Mail

Mrs. Sandusky told the court that her husband was not the monster everyone made him out to be. They have six adopted children, and have been married for 46 years. She told Lauer that she knows “he did not do the horrible crimes that he’s convicted of.”

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  • nbamron

    I sure hope those six adopted children were all girls. He is dirt beneath our feet and should be executed for what he did, not locked up — although no kids in prison! Just grown-ups. perhaps that is his punishment.

  • ndb

    All 45 counts were false… right. Guess guilt has her feeling the need to share her delusions.

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