Dick Masten Crime Stoppers: Ate Tip in Court Rather Than Turn It Over – He’s Not Going to Jail

This story intrigued me last week as Richard “Dick” Masten, the Executive Director of Florida’s Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers literally stuffed a tip written on paper into his mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it, rather than handing it over to the court. The tip concerned cocaine. The judge said “there is nothing honorable ever by violating a court order.” The Judge’s problem is that she hasn’t been paying attention. We know our courts are biased, often corrupt and often take advantage of a lawless U.S. Department of Justice model. Once tips, including anonymous tips are handed over to courts, fewer people will make those calls, anonymous or not. The next step is confiscating phone records (✓ – already done by NSA) and computers. This is not to say that Judge Victoria Brennan is corrupt, but…

Richard "Dick" Masten, Crime Stoppers

Richard “Dick” Masten, Crime Stoppers

Judge Brennan said the anonymous tip was made public record after Masten emailed it to the District Attorney. Masten said “it is not public record, whether it comes from an email, pony express, smoke signal or whatever it is. It is not public record. I’m not going to give it up.” High-ranking police officers sat in the court room to support the former 35-year law enforcement veteran and former police chief.

Masten said the “hair on the back of” his neck stood up when the Judge characterized him as “ignorant,” which is not heard in the video, though she accuses him of lacking knowledge, and perhaps “willfully” so (I believe she shook her finger at him).

Brennan did not send Masten to jail for contempt, although he agrees that he is guilty of the charge. She ordered him to research laws pertaining to public tips and write a “memo” on the subject, which she must approve.

Perhaps Masten should not have emailed the information. The question: if a tip doesn’t reach the District Attorney, how is it acted upon? Can you whisper it and not be forced to repeat it in court? Read the entire story at CBS.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.


Crime Stoppers Director, Dick Masten Eats Anonymous Tip – Held in Contempt of Court – Ordered to Write an Essay (video)
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  • Fixall

    Yes, less tips will come forward if the courts press the issue,so in the long run, the courts lose.

  • The little girl judge needs to be spanked.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    What matters is that it is illegal and immoral to interfere with a criminal investigation or a criminal trial. Both the state and the defendent deserve the right to look at all the evidence and no one, no special interest group, should be allowed to exempt themselves from the American justice system. There is no “right” for anyone to hide information that might assist either the defense or the prosecution. It does not matter if they are reporters, clergy or tipsters they should all be subject to the same legal system the rest of us are.

    • GoneWithTheWind, he had already provided it to the District Attorney. The Judge knew that. The rest of the world (tipsters) wouldn’t have known it if the Judge hadn’t gotten into a snit.

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