CommonCore: Oklahoma’s Jenni White on Glenn Beck with Dana Loesch: Wake Up Parents, It’s The Textbooks!

The catch-22 of Common Core, repealing, rejecting it for your child’s education, is determining how children who are taught with non-aligned Common Core materials. Assume that child is being taught to quality literature and integrity-filled civics, history and solid math. How then, can your child possibly pass the SAT, which is in the process of being written to Common Core standards, by the “architect of Common Core” and president of the College Board, David Coleman. The video below is Oklahoma’s Jenni White, founder of Restore Oklahoma Public Education (R.O.P.E) on The Glenn Beck Show (or maybe The Blaze TV) interviewing with Dana Loesch. The discussion between Jenni and Dana about textbooks is interesting. We must get this right. What textbooks will your child be taught to, if and when Common Core is no longer attributed in your state? Let’s say your state decides to put together its own “state standards.” What does that mean?

Hasn’t Common Core rigged the system for our children? ‘Teach what you want, but here’s the threat: your kids won’t be able to pass the SAT and (probably other standardized tests) because David Coleman will ask questions that require answers non-Common-Core-aligned states will definitely not be teaching.

How do we insist that our state supply textbooks with solid, quality, historical integrity and be tested to the same? Source: Maggie’s Question

Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin says she will support the repeal of Common Core in the state, but what will she teach? What does she want to teach? What does she think are proper textbooks in our state? These are questions for every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle. Do not take comfort in repeal only, or tweaking only. It’s about the textbooks, and then it’s about standardized testing, but get rid of the curriculum of low expectations and a Leftist agenda first (Common Core).

Snippets of video transcript:

LOESCH: There’s this misconception too, that if you want to avoid Common Core, you can just run,

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch

and go to a private school or you can run to a homeschool co-op, but as I found out…you can’t do that anymore because now they’re changing the Standardized Testing, changing the SATs, the ACTs…

I get a lot of books to supplement my children’s education BUT you have to get older models of those books because the latest editions are including Common Core Standards, so you can’t run from it.

WHITE: No…it’s becoming a cottage-industry, finding older books…and you’ve also got to look at the Catholic Church. A lot of people have their kids in Catholic education — they’ve switched over to the Common Core. It’s almost like an infection, infecting all of our lives.

LOESCH: The battle’s here; regardless of whether or not parents think that it is actually at their doorstep, it will be when your kids to go to school.

You have been leading the fight, working with a lot of great families in Oklahoma. You haven’t won yet but you’re close. Tell us a little bit about this battle. You said it’s been four years.

WHITE: We started following this in 2010 with the Race to the Top, and we looked into that and found

Jenni White, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE)

Jenni White, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE)

this little Common Core nugget. When we started research it, it seemed so pervasive, almost destructive. We started really thinking about that and how we wanted to move forward and we kept researching it, kept finding ties back, kept talking to lawmakers, so this has gone on for almost four years.

We’ve actually had three bills previously, in three previous years, so this year we had seven bills — between the House and the Senate, we have seven bills. The bill that we have that is still alive, right now, because all the other six are gone, is HB3399, which is really kind of interesting because one of the things it does do is, completely repeal the Common Core State Standards from law.

LOESCH: I would imagine it helps you situation in Oklahoma. Mike Pence in Indiana saying that well, we’re just going to scrap Common Core entirely, a lot of folks have said, well, let’s not open the flood gates.

Do you feel that it will, in your fight?

WHITE: I feel we must keep moving forward. This is so pervasive, and our governor, Mary Fallin, is the head of the National Governor’s Association, who is one of the authors of the Standards. Not only that, she has an education and workforce initiative that she’s brought to the table with her chairmanship at the NGA, which is really, truly, about educating kids for the workforce.

I know you, as a homeschooler, we don’t think about educating our kids for a job. We think about educating our kids to be well-rounded individuals that understand how to interact in society. That’s a real concern that we ought to have, in which direction are we moving? And when she’s the governor of the State of Oklahoma…

LOESCH: You need to get her out of office.

WHITE: Yes and I am in agreement.

LOESCH: What’s the tenor on the ground? Obviously you’re getting a lot of support to get these bills as far they’ve gotten.

WHITE: It’s kind of a sad thing too, because this year more of Common Core was actually implemented in schools than had been before because we’ve been kind of ramping up.

Now, all of the years, parents, this hasn’t knocked on their door, and now it’s knocking on their door, and the math, particularly, I know Glenn’s covered that a number of times. The Math Standards really are awful.

Parents are waking up and we really do have a very large group. We have conducted two rallies at the Capitol, just this year. One, because we couldn’t even get any bills heard in this Senate on Common Core. We are gaining momentum. I really do believe parents are very interested in getting rid of this because they see what’s going on.

LOESCH: Nationally, do you think more people are waking up to the dangers of what Common Core is?

WHITE: I do. I believe that people are beginning to understand that nationalizing anything, whether it’s health care or education, takes parents directly out of the equation. When we remove parents from the equation so that they cannot affect the upbringing of their child and the education of their child through their school boards, there’s a real problem.

End interview.

If you are not familiar with Common Core, please do not misunderstand the issue of ‘educating children for the workforce’ and ‘educating children to be well-rounded and capable of interacting with society.’ Doing the later does prepare a child for the workforce, while educating solely for the workforce will not. A full discussion for another time.

Also, you are probably seeing heart-rending news articles, op-eds, etc.,  showing that Common Core is too challenging for our children, (translation, this serious curriculum will make your child smarter). Common Core is the dumbing-down of our children, with a push to preparing for a two-year college education, if that, bringing about what Progressives refer to as “social justice.”

Children may be stressed over the poor teaching practices of Common Core, unqualified teachers seeking “educational justice” or the agenda to read more non-fiction, which could be the writings of Weather Undergrounder Bill Ayers or a long list of Socialist, Marixst, Communist tombs — we don’t know, do we? Intrusive tracking of your child’s progress can be upsetting, and as Ms. White alluded to, the concerning Common Core math program which has been thoroughly discredited by former Stanford Math Professor, James Milgram, who says Common Core is “low expectations” and “a political document.” Professosr Milgram was the only math content expert on the Common Core validation committee. Read his comments here.

For my Common Core database, click here. Visit Jenni White’s Restore Oklahoma Public Education here, and you will find a wealth of information, regardless of what state you reside in, along with a list of national organizations opposed to Common Core.

Common Core Interview with Oklahoman Jenni White (R.O.P.E.) and Dana Loesch, The Blaze (video)

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  • KatieNorcross

    Many colleges and universities are dropping the requirement for the ACT and SAT. They have found those with good scores don’t do well in a college setting and many are functionally illiterate in both English and Math.

    • Yes, but dropping testing all together doesn’t make much sense. What test results will we use to pass kids from one grade to the other. Apparently, the individual schools. That’s a problem. You know who and what so many teachers represent. And how will a university know if a child need remedial.

      I say we get the right textbooks to teach to, and do away with the present college board and kick the leftists out of being the deciders and come up with something reasonable. It shouldn’t be difficult to pose questions that cover what our children need to lead a successful, happy life. Just my opinion.

  • Fixall

    Common Core=Brainwashing,dumbing down.

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  • Yos

    Thanks for banging the pots and pans, Maggie!

    I can’t help but think that there’s a huge opportunity for a publisher and a few bright minds to assemble a true American Curriculum.

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