Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos’ Little Accident: Why Wearing Khakis on Stage is Not a Good Idea

Jeans, dark pants, never khakis when standing on a stage, and especially a national stage. Watch the video as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has a little accident. IMPORTANT UPDATE 5:30 pm CDT: In October 2012 Mr. Santos underwent surgery for prostate cancer. The New York Daily Times said there were no known illnesses. I would not have posted this video had I known.


Footage of the incident was filmed by someone in the audience and uploaded online, where it soon went viral, reports Star Media.

Santos, a graduated from the London School of Economics who was elected President for his peacemaking promises in 2010, is not known to be suffering from any illness. Photo Credit and original story courtesy of New York Daily News – read it here.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos – Why wearing Khakis on Stage is Never a Good Idea

  • Steve

    Hmmmmmmmmmm …. Bummer!

  • Geo

    The it “Depends” Speech!

    • Geo, yeah, I feel sorry for him — oops, just did some searching, and contrary to what the Mirror said, he underwent surgery for prostrate cancer in Oct. 2012. I’ll have to add that to the video. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have posted it.

  • nobody important

    Since we know him to be a totalitarian…he has no shame anyway.

  • mcnorman

    He got a little excited. It happens. Atleast, he wasn’t wearing white.